Future Bible Heroes – Partygoing Future Bible Heroes – Partygoing

Future Bible Heroes - Partygoing (2013)

Future Bible Heroes – Partygoing (2013)

Future Bible Heroes is one of the many groups led by Magnetic Fields creator Stephen Merritt. In fact, Future Bible Heroes acts as one of the many satellites which occupies the same universe as Magnetic Fields. The 6ths, Gothic Archies, and Future Bibles Heroes share similar musicians as well as the unifying feeling of wry sarcasm and love for pop music. The last Future Bible Heroes record was in 2002 but their recent release, Partygoing, shares much of the same blood as the Magnetic Fields 2012 release Love At The bottom of The Ocean. It is difficult to keep these releases apart but really, if you are charting the various side projects of Stephen Merritt you have already invested yourself in the sound.

It is hard to review a record you already know you are going to like. Merritt and his partner in crime, Claudia Gonson, once again whisk the listener away into a forest of 80’s synthpop with melodramatic comedy and distant laughter. Even more than Love at the Bottom of The Ocean, the lush landscapes in Partygoing are more vivid with equally effective lyrical connections. Because, really, if you are this far into the field of sardonic lilies you have already come to expect certain things. Partygoing holds no surprises but I will be dammed if it isn’t entertaining.

For the majority of Partygoing, things stay on the reserved side aside from a few spectacular highlights. “Keep Your Children in a Coma” advocates for the safety of children’s health by inducing coma sleep. “Satan Your Way Is A Hard One” has rational conversations with the dark one set to the tune of synthesized devotional music. “Digging my Own Grave” may not have much in the way of noticeable accents but its morbid atmosphere and deep synth world is enough to make it entrancing.

Aside from a few subtle differences in personalities and avatars, Partygoing could be the second disc companion to Love at the Bottom of the Ocean. In fact, with a pair of scissors and glue I could create a spectacular single album with material from both. I feel like I sound critical of a band I have already expressed intense devotion for. The joy of the Magnetic Fields Universe isn’t one of broad and sweeping revolutions, but rather the charm of consistency and the ability to create records which are endearing even past the point of multiple reproductions. Stephen Merritt is a machine and Partygoing is another solid effort for a creator who hasn’t aged a day in 20 years.

Future Bible Heroes Partygoing Tracklist:
1. A Drink Is Just the Thing
2. Sadder than the Moon
3. Let’s Go to Sleep (And Never Come Back)
4. Satan, Your Way Is a Hard One
5. A New Kind of Town
6. All I Care About Is You
7. Living, Loving, Partygoing
8. Keep Your Children in a Coma
9. How Very Strange
10. Love Is a Luxury I Can No Longer Afford
11. Digging My Own Grave
12. Drink Nothing But Champagne
13. When Evening Falls on Tinseltown

Future Bible Heroes - Partygoing, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2013-06-06T13:02:29-07:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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