Fun Fun Fun Fest – Yellow Stage Preview Fun Fun Fun Fest – Yellow Stage Preview

As we mentioned the other day there is a SHITLOAD to see, hear and experience over at Fun Fun Fun Fest next weekend and I am going to do my absolute damnedest to show and tell you a little something about each and every one of your options because with almost two hundred chances to get your mind blown and your face melted, information is important.

Today we tackle three days at the Yellow Stage which is sort of a comedy curio. You’ve got sketch, improv, stand-up, stunts and all sorts of stuff to make you chuckle, squirm, huhn and scorn. Some of it’s even musical. Some of it may EVEN be for you.

Please be advised that this post is chock full of clips so please give it time to load. Also, I have no idea how to write about comedy. Rock it.

Friday – 11/4

Maggie May – 12:30-12:45 – I could be totally wrong about this one but I’m fairly confident this is one of the characters of Barbara Foristall who generally acts out under the nome de plume of Cracker Jacks, the clown. Either that or we finally get to see the MILF who swallowed Rod Stewart’s cherry. If it’s the former, we’ll all see this. If it’s the latter…heaven help us.

Best Fwends – 12:50-1:20 – You know I fucking hate this name but let’s play the due diligence game. Goofy, dipshit laptop pop that, the internet tells me, is much beloved in Europe. They’re from Texas. If you’re drinking bright and early (as you will be) this ought to be a ton of fun.

Jake Flores – 1:25-1:40 – Local comedian. Here he is talking about the much-heralded drunks of Austin. He’s right, though. Austin is a fucking stupor.

Adira Amram – 1:45-2:20 – Musical comedy has never really been my thing. Whenever I hear it all I can think of is Dana Carvey’s sad bid for Mike Meyer’s attention. Here’s a cheeky disco ode to fingering. Boobs.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling – 2:20-3:00 – If this isn’t amazing, I’ll eat my own dick. AMATEUR VIOLENCE!

Altercation Comedy Hour – 3:05-4:05 – Punk rock stand up. Why shouldn’t it exist? Henry Rollins is kinda funny. So’s Danzig (but for totally different reasons). Spearheaded by JT Habersaat, this shit puts the “pun” back in punk…I should be fired for that.

FFF Dating Game – 4:10-4:55 – Maybe you’ll get lucky!

Upright Citizens Brigade – 5:00-6:30 – The undisputed kings and queens of improv and sketch comedy. Huh. I totally wrote and meant that. Our fearless leader, Ben has done some work with them. CHOICE! Here’s a clip from their (sadly defunct) TV Show.

Matt Bearden – 6:35-6:55 – It would appear that all “underground” comedians now sport sadness beards. Does that make me funny? No? DAMNITALLTOFUCK! In this clip, his beard is kinda awesome. Also, Robert Frost.

Brett Gelman – 6:55-7:15 – I told you I had no idea how to write about comedy. Here’s a Jesus monologue.

Reggie Watts – 7:15-8:00 – Hyper-talented wild-froed polyglotted improv maniac who, I suppose, is mostly musical comedy as well but much less snark and much more “the fuck?” Definitely consider checking him out.

Saturday – 11/5

Michael Priest – 12:30-12:45 – Another local comic. In searching for clips of Mr. Priest to share I stumbled on several Hitler mashups. I can’t tell if they’re funny or nazi or what but there sure are. Here’s Michael.

Cameron Buchholtz – 12:45-1:05 – I think I got a decade on this dude, at least. That is kinda apropos of nothing except, for some reason, I thought he was a grumpy middle-aged man who used to do cartoon voices. He is not.

Ali Wong – 1:05-1:20 – Google’s first suggestion when you start asking about Ms. Ali Wong is “Ali Wong Not Funny.” Here’s a clip of her and some dude named Chris Garcia pissing me off.

Louis Katz – 1:25-1:45 – I’m beginning to learn that I am very much in favor of bitter comedians. Don’t be cute. Cute people aren’t funny. Fuck Olivia Munn. Show me a grumpy drunk in a bathrobe talking about cum and you’ll finally speak my language.

Captured! By Robots – 1:50-2:35 – I’m really psyched for this. No doubt, it’ll interfere with a whole bunch of other maximum rocking but I have to see this. How can I pass up the genius of a dude in a googly eyed fetish mask playing cover songs with a nightmare animatronic puppet band?

Anarchy Championship Wrestling – 2:40-3:25 – Same violence, different day!

Air Sex Contest – 3:30-4:05 – Ugh. I quit. Look up your own goddamn clips.

Donald Glover – 4:10-4:40 – This dude’s actually pretty awesome. Got turned on to him by a friend who did wardrobe for his flick “Mystery Team.” Total polymath. Childish Gambino. Stars on Community. Solid laughs or rap…either way, you’re talking mad decent. What?

Turquoise Jeep – 4:45-5:15 – Goddamn, I wish this was Charlie Murphy.

Johnny Pemberton – 5:20-5:40 – I too hate cats AND their anuses. Goodonya, Johnny. TROOF!

Neal Brennan – 5:45-6:10 – Oh, shit. It’s the dude who co-created the Chappelle Show. We should totally go check him out since his buddy fucked him out of millions. That’s right, Dave. We know what you did. I also know several folks who agree with his opinions on 69ing. I am not one of them.

Wham City Sketch Comedy – 6:15-8:15 – Did you know a whole bunch of Dan Deacon’s friends are comedians? Because they totally are and they totally tour and this is totally the preview and if you totally ever fucking totally then you totally ARGH!

Sunday – 11/6

Cody Hustak – 12:30-12:45 – His beard is less sad but his pauses are excruciating.

What the Hell: Magic Stunt Show – 12:45-1:05 – So, yeah. I’m thinking Jim Rose jackassery? Good for a squirm. Makes me sad the scorpion didn’t survive this clip.

Rap Battle Royale – 1:05-1:40 – Dude. Please be gangsta rap razzlin.

Nick Flanagan – 1:40-2:00 – Canadian comedy, eh? Deadpan style. Watch him tackle the Culkins and his own inadequate stomach.

Chris Trew – 2:00-2:25 – Oh. Mr. Trew hosts air sex competitions and also performs…ugh…nerdcore. Might have the best beard of any comedian performing.

New Movement Sketch Comedy – 2:15-2:50 – I think Mr. Trew is involved in this as well. DAMN HIS BEARD! You know, I had a friend who took a sketch comedy class with his girlfriend. They broke up halfway through. The class performance, suffice it to say, was AMAZING!

Anarchy Championship Wrestling – 2:50-3:30 – KILL! KILL! KILL! YEAH! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Page and Stephen’s FFF Wedding – 3:35-4:10 – Really? Cool.

Doug Mellard – 4:15-4:35 – Something about this dude’s voice upsets my dogs.

K-Strauss (Yo Yo Extravaganza) – 4:35-5:00 – Yo Yos as media subversion? I’m in.

Brody Stevens – 5:00-5:20 – Mr. Stevens is known as a comic’s comic which, I guess means, everyone you think is funny looks to this man for inspiration. He seems pleasantly pissed. I like that.

Veggie Hotdog Eating Contest – 5:25-6:10 – I would totally spend forty-five minutes of my life watching hipsters puke tofu.

Master Pancake’s Video Jukebox – 6:15-6:55 – I’m thinking Pop-Up Video meets MST3K with a little bit of Beavis and Butthead thrown in for good measure. It’ll be like your fat ass never left New York but all your roaches turned to alt rockers.

Henry Rollins – 7:00-8:00 – I used to have some beef with Mr. Rollins’ turn from punk furio to spoke wordsmith until I saw this particularly genius rant on relationships. Now I love his fury.

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