Fun Fun Fun Fest – Orange Stage Preview Fun Fun Fun Fest – Orange Stage Preview

Thus far, Fun Fun Fun Fest has offered us stages dedicated comedy, romance, performance art, DJs, hip hop, funk, punk fucking rock and metal. Now it’s time for the indie darlings (and SLAYER! Did I mention Slayer was headlining this shit? Because they are! THEY TOTALLY FUCKING ARE!) with their noise-gaze blasts, electronic sensitivities and occasionally obvious non-threatening counter-cultural time machines. Actually, I’m surprised by how much I want to see on this stage. Future Islands, Lemuria, Le Butcherettes, The Joy Formidable, Ted Leo and…Hum? Hum?!?! How did I almost forget Hum was playing? Damn. The Orange Stage wins Sunday’s festivities. Rock it.

For those keeping track, here are some more clips and rambling to preview the Yellow, Blue and Black Stages.

Friday – 11/4

TV Torso – 12:30-1:00 – Oh, dang. I thought this was the dark-end transistor weirdos, TV Ghost. It isn’t. It’s soft and sweet and kinda ambient rock at times. Locals. The bass player’s trying too hard.

Canon Blue – 1:05-1:35 – Oh, I get it. This is going to be the meaningful stage. You’d think that’d be blue. Oh well. I can’t really tell if Canon Blue is one dude with some machines or a full band but it might be kinda nice for a minute.

Jim Ward – 1:40-2:15 – Dude from Sparta/At the Drive In playing borderline alt-country my mom would likely play for me one Easter after two bottles of wine if her Itunes Genius told her it was the right thing to do. Eh.

Cloud Nothings – 2:20-3:00 – Not as bad as the other “Nothings” band (that would be Wild Nothings. The “Wild” being something of a glaring misnomer), Cloud Nothings still strike me as a band that could use a good kick in the nuts.

Ocote Soul Sound – 3:05-3:50 – OH! It’s the dude from Antibalas. Okay. That makes a lot of sense. A little beat of the indigenous beat smoothed out with coconuts. I don’t really care for it but it’ll impress your friends from the Guggenheim who are just so over Manu Chao.

The Thermals – 4:45-5:30 – How cute are The Thermals? Seriously. They’re just the most adorable little concept rockers around. All condescension aside, The Thermals play like fucking crazy and will make the absolute most of their 45 minute set. Definitely worth checking out if you like life fast, smart and easy.

Black Joe Lewis – 5:35-6:25 – Thank GAWD! this isn’t some scrawny white kid with a beard. This is soul shit. Funk. A little bit of backwoods country/blues grit thrown in as well. Without a doubt, the most fun to be had on this stage all day.

Okkervil River – 6:30-7:20 – I have five Okkervil River (six if you count the sad, sad trip with Roky Erickson) records and I only enjoy three songs…or is it two? Hyper-literary (Warren Ellis loves them) mood-swinging multi-instrumentalists. I think? Maybe there are just twelve of them. Is that Sean Lennon?

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – 7:25-8:25 – Indie dance rock wunderkinds who – no lie – I have never heard until the moment I started writing this sentence because I never really wanted to hang out with anyone who listened to them because I don’t dance and being asked makes me angry.

Passion Pit – 8:30-9:45 – You want to know how bands manage to survive at all in this “fuck you, all I want is free now” society? Licensing. Lots and lots of fucking licensing and Passion Pit have done a ton of it. These are just facts, kids. I bet they’ll have a wicked awesome light show.

Saturday – 11/5

Maneja Beto – 12:10-12:40 – This band totally reminds me of someone and I can’t think of who and it’d totally be killing me inside right now if I remembered a lick of Spanish.

Keep Shelly In Athens – 12:45-1:15 – This is Greek electronica. I don’t know. Do you?

Future Islands – 1:20-1:50 – I love this band. Pinpoint loves this band. This band loves you too. A little dark, a little dance, a lot of beautiful.

Joe Lally – 1:55-2:25 – I’d rather see Wugazi.

Tinariwen – 2:30-3:10 – I think my friend Carl really digs these guys. Saharan actionists. I can dig it.

The Joy Formidable – 3:15-3:55 – I am so fucking excited to hear the last few double-bass drum noise jam freakout metal minutes of “Whirring” I might just spit. I find the cute blonde up front totally terrifying. “Cradle” is my new gym jam.

tUnE-yArDs – 4:00-4:40 – I am reluctant to give a fuck about any band that spells their name like an asshole but this video’s so fucking oddball adorable I might just need to give them a stabby chance.

Ra Ra Riot – 4:45-5:30 – I’ve seen this band a number of times and still have no idea what they sound like. They have strings, though and another overeager bassist.

M83 – 5:35-6:25 – Excessively lovely electronics. I fear that they’ll suffer at the hands of daylight.

Girls – 6:30-7:20 – I am going to try this band again. Not tonight but before the festival. What I heard was as bored and obvious as that other bleach blonde fawner, Ariel Pink but everyone says really good things so I don’t want to be left behind.

Lykke Li – 7:25-8:25 – So is Lykke Li like…um…Fever Ray or something? Because I’d really like her to be. Or is she Adele? I don’t care if she’s not.

Spoon – 8:30-9:45 – I saw this band open for Archers of Loaf when I was eighteen and I fucking hated them. Still do. I have never seen a band less interested in playing music. Fuck them.

Sunday – 11/6

Crooks – 12:15-12:40 – Country? Damn, son. Nice.

Lemuria – 12:45-1:15 – I feel like I used to listen to a LOT of cute/not cute almost punk girl/boy music like this. Rocking Horse Winner comes to mind. So does a more modest Velocity Girl. I really want them to be huge.

Le Butcherettes – 1:20-1:50 – Riiiiight! Why do I know this band? I don’t know but I do. Girl singer/guitarist. Boy drummer. Stripped blues violent gender play. I think I love it.

Asobi Seksu – 1:55-2:25 – This band is a lot better than you think they’re going to be. I don’t mean that as an insult but when I went to go see them at the Polyvinyl showcase I was expecting something kinda fey but they were hard as hell.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – 2:30-4:15 – I once told my (now ex) girlfriend that I wanted to name a band “George Lassos the Moon” and she called me a fag. This band could be great if they learned to break from restraint.

Mates of State – 3:20-4:05 – There’s something really rich and genuine about this band. Maybe it’s the marriage. Caught them on Letterman the other day and I was totally impressed.

Budos Band – 4:10-4:55 – This is what college does to white kids.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – 5:00-5:45 – For some strange reason, I don’t listen to Ted Leo. I’ve seen him. He and the Pharmacists are amazing. Everybody loves him. He plays a casually (read, not insulting) emotive punkish rock that’s really kinda great. He’s also genuinely funny. I can’t explain it. Go see them.

Architecture in Helsinki – 5:50-6:40 – When I first heard Architecture in Helsinki, I thought “Oh, so this is what Architecture in Helsinki sound like” and I promptly deleted any evidence of them being in my life except for this sentence.

Hum – 6:45-7:35 – Few bands have shaped my life as dramatically as Hum. It would be unfair to go into all the details here but I will probably cry when they play “Stars” and might just kill myself when they play “The Pod” (or would if Slayer weren’t on in an hour and a half). Word of warning…they are extraordinarily loud.

Brian Posehn – 7:40-8:10 – Because, honestly, you need a metal comedy second to catch your breath after Hum and steel yourself for SLAYER!

Slayer – 8:15-9:45 – SLAYER!

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