Fun Fun Fun Fest – Blue Stage Preview Fun Fun Fun Fest – Blue Stage Preview

And the Fun Fun Fun keeps on coming! The Blue Stage at the Fest is dedicated to beats. Hip hop, electronic, a couple bands with the ill-gotten suffix of -wave. Most of you know I’m much more of a guitar screaming kinda guy there are more than a few artists performing on this stage that are worth, at least, a few minutes of your time if not your whole damn day. Major Lazer, Spank Rock, Public Enemy, Dan Deacon, a dude from Syria, etc. If you’re looking for a place to dance, grope or get high (or, you know, “chill out”) the Blue Stage would be your location of choice. Can’t say I’m down with all of what’s happening here and I am thoroughly disappointed that the weekend ends with Odd Future but eff it. I’m looking forward to my bias getting beat by pleasant surprises. Rock it.

For those keeping track, here are some more clips and rambling to preview the Yellow Stage.

Friday – 11/4

DJ iPod Ammo – 12:20-12:40 – I don’t care what anybody says. Ipods do not make DJs.

Fat Tony – 12:40-1:10 – Full disclosure…pretty much everything I know about hip hop, I learned from Jeff, Kwame and this Trannsylvanian kid named Geza (twenty something years ago) so most of my opinions are inchoate, at best. Here’s a song about body image? I don’t know. Dude fucks a cupcake and kills a girl.

Car Stereo Wars – 1:15-1:55 – Oh, this is a real band? Oh, no it’s not. I mean it is but this isn’t. This is a DJ. Let the mashups commence.

Auto Body – 2:00-2:40 – Electro dance clash synth rock headband party. More at play here than I anticipated. Wonder how it’ll translate mid day.

Black Milk – 2:45-3:25 – Detroit emcee with an affinity for the hard “r”. I think. Again, with my cultural ignorance and hip hop’s inclination to include 800 voices on any given track I’m not sure who the hell all I’m considering.

Omar Souleyman – 3:30-4:10 – Wow. Evidently, this gentleman has released somewhere near 500 albums since 1994. TAKE THAT MERZBOW! Considering the current state of unrest in Syria, this may be your only time to enjoy this.

Picture Plane – 5:00-5:30 – Gloomy/glammy post Salem dance fuckery. This video is a whole lot goofier than I thought it would be. Phew. They’ve remixed Crystal Castles. I need more fetish ensembles.

Franki Chan – 5:30-6:05 – Comic nerd and “one of the leaders of the indie DJ movement in the USA” whatever the hell that means. Is anyone on this bill, not in Slayer, not a DJ? I think Franki’s the one in the hat.

Big Freedia – 6:05-6:45 – You’re fucking seeing Big Freedia. End of story. Dirty bounce. Asses in the air and gender bending glee motherfucker. Party. HARD!

Spank Rock – 6:45-7:30 – Everyone’s favorite filthy, filthy, FILTHY Philly nerd kings (not nerdcore, dick). Really hoping they have Amanda Blank in tow. Fucking (heart) that chick.

Four Tet 7:35-8:25 – Watching a laptop man play pretty things after dusk might not be half bad if the visuals are nice and you’re high…or dehydrated.

Public Enemy – 8:30-9:45 – Yeah, they’re older and rounder and Flavor Flav’s all sorts of an embarrassment to his clock-wearing, PJ goldtoof ways but Chuck D is a force that just might blow your fucking skull out.

Saturday – 11/5

tba dj – 12:30-1 – What do you think? Laptop or Ipod? My money’s on a mix tape I made for a girl in seventh grade.

B L A C K I E – 1:05-1:25 – I don’t know if this is amazing or total bullshit or what but it’s distorted and LOUD and yeah…I want this to get weird.

Purity Ring – 1:30-2:00 – Precious weirdo. Has a record out with Braids. Whoever made this video made me like the music a whole lot more than I normally would.

T-bird and the Breaks – 2:05-2:35 – I like any band that bothers to put together an EPK and gives their music away for free. I don’t live the funk, myself but I certainly won’t keep you from it.

Brandt Brauer Frick – 2:40-3:15 – I don’t think I’m nearly civilized enough for this. I have an ex who I think would be mad for this band. She got me to see The Bad Plus and Medeski, Martin and Wood so that should tell you something. German classically trained techno love?

Cecil Otter – 3:20-3:40 – An MC from the Midswestern collective known as Doomtree (responsible for Wugazi). *Shrugs…shows clip*

Wugazi – 3:45-4:25 – See above. I am curious how this most delightful of unlikely mashups is going to be performed live.

Dan Deacon – 4:30-5:15 – Freakout pulses, pitch shifts and various oscillations from a veritable genius of weird dance spasms. Recommended. He tends to hate stages, though, so if you go see him you won’t actually get to see him. Dig?

Cold Cave – 5:20-6:05 – You know that Beavis and Butthead episode where they stumble on the Type O Negative video and then start imitating Pete Steele? That’s all I can hear when I hear Cold Cave which is unfair in a way because they just want to live the shuffling heroin 80s but I will never abide by a band who released a record called “The Trees Grew Emotions and Died.” That’s not poetry, Wesley. That’s linguistic piss.

Rakim – 6:10-6:55 – Epic. Classic. Here he is with Eric B. This song’s a no duh.

Childish Gambino – 7:00-7:45 – Damn, man. Donald Glover is getting PAID!

Neon Indian – 7:50-8:40 – My friend Marcos and the Flaming Lips both really love this one man band. I like him better than MGMT. That’s not really saying much.

Major Lazer – 8:45-9:45 – This is going to be fucking ridiculous. I’ll put ten bucks on this being the best fucking show of the weekend.

Sunday – 11/6

Soul Khan – 12:30-1 – The song is “Suck My Dick.” Moving on…

Speak – 1:05-1:35 – There’s a dude in this band named Troupe. Why do all the kids miss the 80s? Reagan sucked and so did Thatcher. Don’t even get me started on Hyper Color.

Bird Peterson – 1:40-2:20 – DJ? DJ.

G-Side – 2:25-2:55 – Alabama boys who’ve been MCing together for over a decade. I’d like to think this video is the dirty South’s unironic response to “Miracles.”

Grimes – 3-3:30 – Pop babytalk synth weirdness. I’ve totally had nightmares that sounded like this.

MNDR – 3:35-4:15 – Pronounced “mandar” because…fuck it, why not? What the hell do they have against vowels, man? Vowels are awesome. Without vowels I wouldn’t exist. Whoa.

Austra – 4:20-5:05 – Canadian electronic drama. This is the kind of shit I totally love in secret.

BATHS – 5:10-5:55 – One man, two muttonchops and a whole bunch of knobs. Kind of awesome but nothing at all like a live show.

Del the Funky Homosapien – 6:00-6:50 – Damn, really? I haven’t thought of this dude since Judgement Night.

Flying Lotus – 6:55-7:45 – I always think Flying Lotus is someone/something else entirely and I am always disappointed.

Diplo – 7:50-8:40 – Actual DJ. He’ll likely also be part of the Major Lazer soundsystem and will, no doubt, warrant boobs. You love boobs. Boobs.

Odd Future – 8:45-9:45 – Our opinion on Odd Future is pretty well-documented (and totally concurrent with Steve Albini). Fuck these kids. Still, people fucking love them and there’ll probably be some degree of white guilt riot so…yeah, why not? Here’s them on the BBC. Kinda drab without the neck-breaking stage dives.

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