Fun Fun Fun Fest – Black Stage Preview Fun Fun Fun Fest – Black Stage Preview

Alllll RIGHT! Now we’re talking. Metal. Rock. Hardcore. THUD! CRUSH! ARGH! YEAH! UHN! BREAKDOWN! PIT! CIRCLE PIT! PIT OF DESPAIR! YEAH! Yeah. There are a lot of bands on this stage that I want to see or ought to see (bands come back from the brink of nostalgia to show these young bucks how it’s done) or am terrified to see because of the very real likelihood of getting my face stomped during some choppy, unknown anthem. At this stage you can expect much crowd surfing, stage diving and periodic thuggery interspersed with feelings, instrumental virtuosity and Blonde Redhead. Rock it.

For those keeping track, here are some more clips and rambling to preview the Yellow and Blue Stages.

Friday – 11/4

Defeater 12:20-12:50 – I actually saw these guys open for La Dispute recently. Not half bad. The kids were into it. It got real formulaic real quick, though. Feelings.

Total Control
– 12:55-1:25 – A punk band from Melbourne containing a columnist from Maximum Rock’n’Roll. I don’t know shit about them but from what I’ve heard/seen today they have a pretty decent Hacienda angle.

Mind Spiders – 1:30-2:00 – Garage rock from one of the Marked Men. I really need to get my hands on some of those Nuggets collections.

Doomriders – 2:05-2:40 – Stoner rock? I think I saw them play with Danzig. Deathwish Records. Singer’s the most unassuming motherfucker I’ve ever seen rock a Flying V. Sounds a lot like Lou Koller. Good times for a van ride.

From Ashes Rise – 2:45-3:20 – I would like to thank DRI for, years ago, totally riff-fucking the line between hardcore and metal. Why can’t we all just listen to Motorhead?

Bane – 3:25-4:05 – hardcore? HARDCORE! Dude from Converge started this band in the 90s. Kids in Korea, evidently, love it.

D Generation – 4:10-4:55 – Oh, shit. There was a time, in the 90s, when these cats ruled the NYC Lower East Side trash scene. I always thought they were way too glammy (sucking up Chinese and Hanoi Rocks) and since I was too young to sneak into Green Door (or, at least, I thought I was) I never really gave them two cents. Jesse Malin’s some sort of folk singer now. I guess Howie Pyro’s not dead.

Ty Segall – 5:00-5:40 – I know a lot of folks who totally love this dude. Maybe I just don’t get the rock and roll these days (which sounds like the rock and roll that preceded the hell out of me). Again, I hear tale of live virtuosity but I don’t know.

Thee Oh Sees – 5:45-6:25 – In the Red scuzz rock revival ala the Black Lips, etc. Their records are a little wan and lo-fi for my tastes but their live shows are growing into malt liquor legend.

Russian Circles – 6:30-7:15 – Epic instrumental heavy fucking metal that’s just shy enough of proggy to keep it tolerable. Think Mastodon without the pothead story arc bullshit and whatever the fuck it is they’re doing with their mouths and a deep veneration for Matt Pike’s love handles.

The Murder City Devils – 7:20-8:10 – I have it on good authority that The Murder City Devils are total dicks but who really gives a shit? “Idle Hands” is a fucking crusher. It’s alternately awesome and awful that this band looks nothing at all like you’d hope. Please note: Spencer Moody will start this set hellfire drunk and end it slurry and bored.

Danzig Legacy – 8:15-9:45 – Glenn Danzig is Glenn Danzig is Glenn Danzig as was once written on a Benington wall. His “Legacy” includes the Misfits (who he hates except for Doyle who is eight feet fucking tall), Samhain and ten or eleven records (if you include Black Aria which I would hope you wouldn’t) that aren’t the one with “Mother.” Since you probably know The Misfits and have probably karaoked “Mother” I’ve elected to include a clip of Samhain playing at the Roxy back in 1985 when they were more horror punk weirdos than blood-soaked juiceheads.

Saturday – 11/5

Thieves – 12:15-12:40 – I was gonna say that you can play pop punk without sounding like a pussy but I don’t know if that’s true. This band’s totally for lonely teenage crowdsurfing me and totally the fault of Fat Wreck Chords.

Shapes Have Fangs -12:45-1:15 – Codeine surf garage pop trying to play gloomy. Maybe they are gloomy. Surprised to see their live clips are a few beats slower than on record. If they reverse that, I might dig ‘em. Hate that fucking name but I bet it’s a reference.

Touche Amore – 1:20-1:50 – Wait. Maybe I saw this band instead of Defeater. I don’t know, man. My tolerance for this kind of music has been limited to La Dispute the last two years (but not their new fucking record…sheeesh). More feelings.

Death Grips – 1:55-2:25 – Murky, pissed off hip hop with the drummer from Hella and some dudes…some heavily tattooed, bearded black dude and maybe another dude. Anticipate angry stage dives.

World/Inferno Friendship Society – 2:30-3:10 – Swinging gypsy/circus punk art collective who have been around forever and are somehow, thankfully, finally getting some very real attention. They wrote a whole fucking song cycle about Peter Lorre. Sick.

Trash Talk – 3:15-3:45 – This band is so…fucking…PISSED!

Dead Horse – 3:50-4:30 – Holy crap! Dead Horse? Man. Southern goofball stoner death rock that was way the fuck ahead of its time. Their song, “Scottish Hell” is a dirge classic that was covered by Entombed so you know it’s some good metal shit. Here it is live, forever ago.

Youth Brigade – 4:35-5:15 – Wow. This band has been around for thirty years and is, arguably, one of the most important American punk rock bands. Founded BYO records. Taught everyone how to live DIY.

Paint It Black – 5:20-6:00 – Melodic Philly hardcore. Lot’s of breakdowns and singalongs which, when you know the words, are totally empowering. Really surprised they’re playing above Youth Brigade.

Negative Approach – 6:05-6:50 – Detroit no-fun hardcore legends from way the fuck back when (1981-83). John Brannon, the vocalist, is also responsible for the Laughing Hyenas and Easy Action. Saw them at Touch & Go’s 25th anniversary. Total fury. No idea why their set is so long. I believe the entirety of their catalog clocks in at 25 minutes.

Cave In – 6:55-7:40 – I never understood this band. They were thinking man’s metal (thanks, Hydrahead) and thereby kinda screamy then they got spacey and now…I don’t know. People really dig them.

Hot Snakes – 7:50-8:40 – This is why we’re going to Texas. I’ll tell you right now that I’ve seen this band a bunch and they’ve never been particularly exciting to watch. The crowd, however, should be absolutely fucking nuts.

The Damned – 8:45-9:45 – DUDE! I GET TO SEE THE DAMNED! WHOOOOOOOOO!!! Seriously, though. The punk were punk before there was punk. Goth before there was gloom and just totally fucking fun throughout their 35 years together. Go get Damned Damned Damned right now and listen to it all day long.

Sunday – 11/6

Schmillion – 12:30-1:00 – Uh oh. Jailbait. Let’s just say Runaways and move on to a band that won’t get me arrested.

OBN III’s – 1:05-1:35 – Beer-blasted locals. This ought to be fun as shit.

Davilla 666 – 1:40-2:15 – Puerto Rican noise party band with about two more members than they probably, actually need. Don’t be a dick and miss them like I have about a dozen times over the last year.

Ceremony – 2:20-2:50 – Skaterock punkcore? They used to be more violent. In fact, they named a record Violence Violence. Just signed to Matador. This is a Red C cover.

Nobunny – 2:55-3:35 – Tongue so deep in cheek you can see teeth through the blood. You know I love torn nylons and masks. Rock.

Zero Boys – 3:40-4:25 – Did you know that punk rock has a history at pizza shops? It does. Here’s the Zero Boys playing punk rock music at a pizza shop way back in 1981. Nice to know I totally won’t be the oldest dude at the punk show.

Eyehategod – 4:30-5:15 – Sludge. Seriously damaged Bayou sludge. Their album Dopesick is a landmark in the genre. Slow, angry, loud. Have fun hating yourself.

Kid Dynamite – 5:20-6:05 – Kid Dynamite are one of those bands that I only ever heard of in strange, reverential whispers and members-of descriptions. I guess I finally get to understand why.

Cannibal Corpse – 6:10-6:55 – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!

Boris – 7:00-7:45 – Maximum rocking from a Japanese band with an alarmingly hot guitar player and a drummer who couldn’t love rocking one WHOO! fucking more. Total blast. Well, that or they’ll decide to do a 45 minute noise set with Sunn 0))) or Merzbow. You never know.

Black Lips – 7:50-8:40 – Vice favorites and one of the hardest touring bands in rock and roll. Will I finally get to see the Black Lips piss on stage and suck each other’s dicks? Who can say?

Blonde Redhead – 8:45-9:45 – I know. This band doesn’t belong on this stage but since Slayer is fucking SLAYER! they got to switch over to Orange (more on that tomorrow). I have to be honest. I never really liked this band. Too dark and musiciany for my tastes but I’ve heard tell that they’re breathtaking live. Their stage even sports a horse head.

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