Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 – Yellow Stage Preview Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 – Yellow Stage Preview

HOLY SHIT! We’re ten days away from Fun Fun Fun Fest! You know what that means, kids. It’s time we take a comprehensive (albeit questionable) look at the plethora of acts scheduled to raise some hell over Austin the first weekend in November (and yes, P-I-P, Single and Three-Day tickets are still available).

Stage by stage, day by day, set by set.

Today we’ll consider the Yellow Stage which tends to make its merit on comedy, performance art, circus, freakshow and spoken word (talents of which – as previously discussed – I know close to fuck all about). This year, however, they’ll have music too because Fun Fun Fun Fest 7 is so full of rock they can’t keep it relegated to the Blue, Orange and Black Stages.

Dude, this is sooooooo gonna rule.


FRIDAY! 11/2!

11:50AM – 12:40PM – The Midgetmen – The Midgetmen are a sloppy party band from Austin. They like beer. They also, evidently, like Weird Al a whole lot and are committed to playing Dare to Be to Stupid in its entirety. Weird Al fucking rules.

12:50-1:00PM – Seth Cockfield – First comedian of the festival. A Southern son that now resides in Brooklyn so he can pay more money for less space and opportunity. Here’s a joke about a donkey show.

1:00-1:10PM – Ralph Hardesty – A once gifted child (and Austin local) who found comedy right around the time his unemployment was due to run out. Poor bastard.

1:10-1:55PM – Live Action Battle Rap – “The most non-intimidating show set to a beat on the planet,” Live Action Battle Rap will be presented by Terp2it and look to crown the most talented “character rapper in the business.” So now you know.

1:55-2:05PM – Andrew Tompkins – This man is funnier in five minutes than the dogs think I’ve been all day.

2:05-2:15PM – Duncan Carson – I can’t figure out whether or not this man has a goatee. He does, right? Comedy.

2:15-2:25PM – Derek Phelps – The wonderful nightmare of awkward comedy played subtle and grueling and awesome.

2:25-2:45PM – Joe Sib – I know it’s been a long, long while since Wax broke up the day I was supposed to see them and Joe Sib’s gone on to start Side One Dummy and now he does comedy and is actually rather funny but I just get so angry every time I remember that because of him (or Loomis, whatever) I’ve seen Gwenmars.

2:45-3:05PM – Kevin Seconds – I have this idea that Kevin Seconds lives in a shack in the woods with the dude from Avail but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about that.

3:05-3:55PM – Air Sex Championship – Yep.

3:55-4:15PM – Chris Cubas – This is NOT Reggie Watts. See? Here he is without a beard. Also, not singing…and beer.

4:15-4:45PM – Jon Benjamin – HOLY SHIT, IT’S COACH MCGUIRK! Also Archer…and Bob’s Burgers. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

4:45-5:30PM – Hannibal Buress – Straight up, this dude is funny as shit.

5:35-6:25PM – Lucero – When they played Orion Fest, I thought they were Counting Crows because beer and antihistamines are frigging amazing.

6:45-7:35 – Earth – Loud, lovely and slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. No vocals. Concussive nap metal.

7:55-8:40PM – Girl in a Coma – Named after The Smiths song and not the Douglas Coupland novel (which I find oddly disappointing and, obviously, without the “friend”) Girl in a Coma sound a whole lot like the 90s’ take on the 80s. Are the Gin Blossoms dead?

9:00-9:45PM – Twin Sister – I didn’t like their new record but the dreamy sway of “Lady Daydream” is narco pop perfection.


11:50AM-12:35PM – PUNK ROCK CIRCUS! – Freaks, stunts, magic and madmen. Shots, I’m told. Good morning, Austin. Let’s fucking do this.

12:35-12:45PM – Eric Krug – We are all retarded seals.

12:45-12:55PM – Ashley Barnhill – Ms. Barnhill’s Twitter Bio reads “I hate when people think I’m shy and don’t realize I hate them.” I don’t have that problem.

12:55-1:05PM – Brendan K. O’Grady – I’m afraid I am guilty of jorts.

1:05-1:15PM – Danny Palumbo – I know this dude. Why do I know this dude? Oh, he’s from Pittsburgh. I think this video is his friend or…I don’t know.

1:15-1:25PM – Kath Barbadoro – Fun Fun Fun Fest explains “After the band’s dissolution, vocalist Ray Cappo became involved in the Hare Krishna movement and formed the bands Shelter and Better Than a Thousand. Youth of Today is currently composed of Cappo and guitarist John Porcelly, both founding members, as well as bassist Ken Olden and drummer Vinny Panza.” I (heart) typos.

1:25-1:35PM – Cameron Buchholtz – I can’t tell if the gay coda is funny, insightful or retarded. Thoughts?

1:35-2:20PM – FFF Dating Game (One Night Stand) – Everyone gets laid at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Every one.

2:20-3:15PM – Altercation Punk Rock Comedy Hour – A whole bunch of funny from a whole bunch of punks.

3:15-3:35PM – Christopher Wonder Magic Show – You know there are people that don’t like magic? They also hate ice cream, roller coasters, unicorns and blow jobs. Don’t be those people.

3:35-4:10PM – Saul Williams – A poet philosopher with hip hop sympathies who has been around forever despite being born in ’72. Old school intellectual Nuyorican slam shit.

4:10-4:30PM – Doug Mellard – Punk rock, yeah? Yeah. Here he is last year.

4:30-5:00PM – Wyatt Cenac – Did you know that Wyatt Cenac used to write for King of the Hill? Fuck yeah, he did. Man gets awesomer by the minute.

5:00-5:35PM – David Cross – David Cross is actually WAY fucking funnier than Tobias Funke OR Mr. Show. Way more fucking articulate and scathing too.

5:40-6:25PM – Disappears – Kinda psych and pretty damn shoegazy but rough and a whole load of Warholian fuck it.

6:45-7:35PM – NoMeansNo – One of the most criminally underrated and grotesquely overtalented bands to ever mire themselves in the dirty waters of punk rock. Fucking love them. Jazz funk pogo freak rock of the highest order. It’s a fucking sin Wrong is out of print.

7:55-8:45PM – Peelander Z – JAPANESE SPACE PARTY FUTURE ROCK STEAK FOREVER BOWLING MIKE MIKE MIKE YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! If you enjoy yourself at all, you’ll go see this.

9:05-9:50PM – Diamond Rugs – Diamond Rugs features members of Deer Tick, Black Lips, Los Lobos, Dead Confederate, and Six Finger Satellite and that makes total fucking sense for massive, moustache party.

SUNDAY! 11/4!

11:50AM-12:30PM – New Movement Sketch Comedy Troupe – Don’t let the set time fool you. This marauding band of improv nutbags will spend the whole damn day wandering around the festival dancing and hooting and just generally being fantastic.

12:30-12:40PM – Kat Ramzinski – Kat kinda looks like my friend Liz who used to be a stripper and performed a whole routine dressed as Osama Bin Laden with the Twin Towers painted on her epic bosom. She’s not Liz, though. No one is.

12:40-12:50PM – Jake Flores – An Altercation Punk Rock Comedian and drunk. I think?

12:55-1:35PM – Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest – No.

1:40-2:35PM – NOLA Comedy Hour – Funny folks from the Big Easy care of The New Movement of New Orleans. Did you know that in New Orleans, there was a performance called “Boobs and Goombas”? It was a Super Mario themed Burlesque performance. Let’s watch a clip from that now.

2:35-3:05PM – Mortified – Wherein grown adults share deep, shameful intimacies of their youth and we all laugh because…Jesus we were stupid. It’s all in awesome fun, though. My journals have been razed.

3:20-3:40PM – Ramin Nazer – Comedy.

3:45-4:10PM – Duncan Trussell – I miss Mitch Hedberg.

4:10-4:40PM – Har Mar Superstar – Little known fact: Har Mar Superstar actually graced Pinpoint’s first annual SXSW party. He was fully clothed, however, so I guess it doesn’t count.

4:40-5:10PM – Eugene Mirman – Another funny as fuck gentleman from New York City. He is Brooklyn up and down, practically lives at The Bell House and is also a voice on Bob’s Burgers which if you love funny you love.

5:10-5:40PM – Doug Benson – Wicked famous pothead comic. You can have him.

5:45-6:30PM – Titus Andronicus – Actually WAY better live now than I’ve ever seen them though this new record…I don’t know…my man could seriously use a hook and an editor.

6:50-7:35PM – …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Kwame thinks I’m a dick for thinking this band is boring as sin and I am inclined to believe him.

7:55-8:40PM – Atlas Sound – Bradford Cox is a fucking weirdo and I fucking love him for it.

9:00-9:50PM – Black Moth Super Rainbow – This band’s name has always given me a headache. For some reason I thought they were metal. What are they, experimental? Isn’t one of them also Tobacco? I’m hungry. Here’s a video.

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