Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 – Orange Stage Preview Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 – Orange Stage Preview

It looks like we’ve finally come to the end of our staging. We talked funny in Yellow, bleep bloops in Blue, raging in Black now we’re on to Orange. The main stage, if you will. The biggest acts with the closest thing to universal appeal. Being a contrarian shit, I am generally adverse to giving a main stage the time of day but facts is facts and they’ve got some seriously righteousness going on along every line from garage rock to shoegaze to mashups to folk to motherfucking Run DMC (oh yeah…they’re back, baby).

This is where you’ll find your good time. Your indie rock reveille. Your next biggest thing in six months. Seriously, dude. Last year, both Cloud Nothings and M83 played at, like, two in the afternoon. So be there or be L7 forever.


FRIDAY! 11/2!

12:12:30PM – Not in the Face – I want you to remember a time when Jack White wasn’t an ill-dyed albino megalomaniac. When white blues was dirty and rough and cool in the diesel-chugging wake of whiskey glam.

12:30-1:05PM – Yellow Ostrich – Sporadic dark harmonies over a Graceland wasteland musical cache in which loose tribalism meets dreamless emotives and this is totally my new secret drunk tear jam.

1:10-1:40PM – The Jezabels – I knew this pretty girl who had a pretty friend who had a band that was just fucking awful when they totally could’ve been The Jezabels.

1:45-2:30PM – Dum Dum Girls – My second review for Pinpoint (dated 3.31.09) was of Dum Dum Girls S/T endeavor which contained one of the best goddamn songs of that year…”Catholicked.” Now Dee Dee’s all sullenly lovely with a fashionable band and a burgeoning habit and I finally get to see her/them live. I wonder if she’ll play it.

2:35-3:20PM – Cursive – I fell off with Cursive somewhere around…oh, dude…I don’t know. They’ve been around so long and their output’s so dense it’s hard to remember what makes me give a shit. I heard their last album was good. Domestica was the best.

3:25-4:10PM – Sharon Van Etten – Sharon Van Etten strikes me as the girl in high school who thought Sylvia Plath ultimately won that fight with the oven. Of course, I’m crushing.

4:15-5:00PM – Omar Rodriguez Lopez – I am more moved by Mr. Lopez’s affinity for Gold Standard Laboratories than anything he ever did musically and have grown content in the fact that I am alone in this opinion.

5:05-5:55PM – Bob Mould – He’s playing all of Copper Blue. “A Good Idea” is an homage to the bassline in “Debaser” and is one of my favorite songs ever. The whole damn record is rich with pop gems, however. Bob Mould doesn’t fuck around.

6:00-6:45PM – Minus the Bear – Their guitarist used to be in Botch. The fuck?

6:50-7:35PM – Superchunk – Superchunk has done more to keep the pop in punk and the punk in pop than anyone else in the last twenty years. I love love love love love them. For a beer, I bet, they’d love me too.

7:40-8:30 – Santigold – You know, what? Yeah. Let’s fucking do this. I want a pop star I can believe in.

8:35-9:50PM – Run DMC – The kings of rock, there are none higher. Sucker MCs should call them sires. To burn their kingdom, you must use fire. They won’t stop rockin’ till they retire.


11:50AM-12:20PM – The Golden Boys – Lemon and I saw these guys at SXSW and they were a whole bunch of sweaty drunk mess bar rock as fuck. Good time nonsense to the MAX!

12:25-12:55PM – Devin – Devin? What the fuck is a Devin? Oh, it’s a dude. Why does he look like a cross between Morissey and Will Forte? Wait…is he garage? What’s with the accent? He’s from Brooklyn, right? Fuck it. You win.

1:00-1:30PM – Deathfix – Brendan Canty (Rites of Spring, Fugazi) has surrendered drums for vocals and guitar and he now plays with a whole bunch of unrequited folks who’ve been playing/producing since most of you were just a regrettable twinkle in Papa Bear’s sack.

1:35-2:05 – Brendan Benson – I don’t listen to The Raconteurs which is good because if I did I might gloss right over this half heartbroken singer songwriter with his bouts of rock and roll uncool.

2:10-2:40PM – Helio Sequence – For some reason, I thought this band was bullshit. They’re not. They’re lovely, unassuming indie rock.

2:45-3:30PM – Braid – When we talk about emo without talking about assholes or Rites of Spring or Dave Smalley we should probably be talking about Braid. That’s a good thing.

3:35-4:20PM – Why? – I had an awesome joke about this band’s name and Ice Cube’s last family feature film but I forgot it with my fifth beer. Why? is like Soul Coughing for the middle aged manchild brigade and I’ll be shocked if I don’t hate it.

4:25-5:10PM – Surfer Blood – The night I turned thirty one I listened to Astro Coast until I blacked out in a pile of doughnuts (thanks, baby). Do they have a new record out? Does it still sound like Here Come the Warm Jets?

5:15-6:00PM – Paul Banks – Sounds like someone could use a nap.

6:05-6:50PM – Real Estate – Ben made me write about this band last year. Never again.

6:55-7:45PM – The Head and the Heart – This band’s name asks too goddamn much of me but their music is sad folky lovely.

7:50-8:45PM – Public Image Ltd. – I had a chance to buy PiL’s Metal Box at a second hand record shop in Paris but didn’t feel like spending the bread. It is one of my greater regrets.

8:50-9:50PM – Girl Talk – I may be too old to go to Spring Break but, at least, I have this.

SUNDAY! 11/4!

11:50AM-12:20PM – Hundred Visions – Oh, what a lovely local surf garage mess! For some reason, I thought they’d sound like dicks.

12:25-12:55PM – Ume – Max taught me all about Ume at SXSW this year. It was late, I was broken but they reminded of a logical step in The Joy Formidable’s progress only American.

1:00-1:30PM – Balmorhea – It’s pronounced “bal-moor-ay” not “bal-mor-ee-uh.” Well that makes sense, I guess, for a minimalist instrumental ensemble. There’s probably some reference or etymology at play. Whatever, it’s fine sad pretty.

1:35-2:05PM – Fang Island – I really used to like this band until I started listening to The Fucking Champs and Fang Island got into keyboards and singing songs about learning shit in kindergarten. Seriously? Just high five me, man.

2:10-2:45PM – Bleached – Everything about this band stinks of trouble. Blonde sunglass sisters kicking off fuzz rock. Is this what I want from the Dum Dum Girls? Please fight me, Bleached. I’ve earned it.

2:50-3:30PM – A Place to Bury Strangers – LOUD! AS! FUCK! My friend Oliver did community theater with the singer who also happens to be named Oliver. Weird, right? Not really? You got something better to share?

3:35-4:20PM – Giant Sand – I thought this band was that Victoria Williams tribute compilation. It isn’t.

4:25-5:10PM – Givers – Daaaayyyumm, this band had a song used in Glee? I guess I need to get hip with the kids. Wait. All their songs are quietly devastating? Nevermind, then.

5:15-6:00PM – Deerhoof – If there’s ever been a band that was way too smart for its own good it’s Deerhoof. I adore them but they’re just like one part Asian art pop jazz freak panic attack and the rest is all migraine hallucinations so, yeah…

6:05-6:55PM – The Promise Ring – I don’t get it. I never did. Maybe I will.

7:00-7:50PM – The Black Angels – OH! OH! OH! I can fiiiiiiiinaaaalllyyy see this fucking band play in low light. Thank Gawd! I yearn for the glimmer of slow grease psych in twilight.

7:55-8:45PM – Explosions in the Sky – I used to lie naked on the floor of my room, smoking cigarettes and listening to “Your Hand in Mind” over and over and over again. I’ve seen this band six times and shed a tear every time. It’s been a few years since the “bass trap” incident. I think I’m ready again.

8:50-9:50PM – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – This band was formed in the throes of Alex Ebert’s recovery which is actually pretty badass and is loosely based on a book he started to write about a strange man from space and the salvation inherent therein but now it’s pretty much a down home hippie thing which can be pretty goddamn lovely and totally friggin’ heart warming.

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