Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 – Blue Stage Preview Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 – Blue Stage Preview

Now that we’ve gone Yellow, let’s turn our attention to Blue. Traditionally Fun Fun Fun Fest’s Blue Stage dedicates itself to things electronic, experimental, hip hop and/or danceable. Often their artists offer at least three of the four and though many of the acts this year are not exactly what I’d consider my cup of tea there’s still a shit load worth considering.


The Blue Stage is where I was introduced to Big Freedia so show it some goddamn respect, okay?



FRIDAY! 11/2!

11:55AM-12:25PM – 10 YR – A soul funk soul band from Austin, TX founded by Yadira Brown and Dwayne “D-Madness” Jackson and employing the collaborative skills of a whole bunch of other mothers. It’s pronounced “ten-yer” not “ten year” so, you know..BOOSH!

12:30-1:00PM – Orthy – Laid back and dreamy multi instrumental electronic pop music most recently reminiscent of that Animal Collective record where they listened to too much Beach Boys but infinitely less art school.

1:05-1:45PM – Mustard Pimp – I always think this is a ska band from my unreasonable youth. It’s not. It’s “INTZ-INTZ-UHNTZ-UHNTZ” Dim Mak occult reference dance jock.

1:50-2:30PM – Icona Pop – Smokin’ hot Swedish electro dance pop. I love it.

2:35-3:15PM – Nick Waterhouse – Big, baaaad white soul with the full love retro sound. Not the style that I go in for but I will give it to the man.

3:20-4:00PM – Diamond Rings – Looking like an extra from a Penelope Spheeris twink punk doc on Grace Jones, John O plays electro indie rock straight from the future heart.

4:05-4:50PM – Penguin Prison – DJ Set. Ever feel like you’ve been cheated?

4:55-5:35PM – Astronautalis – Once a rapper, now a swooner of sorts born of the Texas soil and partial to the whiskey road. More electric soul.

5:40-6:25PM – El Ten Eleven – A proggy post math power rock duo who loathe being referred to as proggy, mathy or post (though they are, in fact, a powerful duo) and play pretty awesome, almost epic instrumental music that never lets talent get in any given song’s way. Choice.

6:30-7:00PM – Special Performance (featuring The Black Lips) – I’m just going to go ahead and assume this is going to be some drunken fauxmo blow job/vomit contest because it’s the Black Lips and they’re special like that.

7:05-7:50PM – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Northwestern hip hop that sincerely gives a damn about being wise and right but parties like mad with a violin and trumpet in the band.

7:55-8:40PM – Bun B – A rapper, lecturer and once part of UGK who I’ll opt not to judge harshly for including that goddamn Canadian child actor on this track.

8:45-9:45PM – Dillon Francis – I can’t tell if Dillon Francis is one person or two but however you ascribe their electro dance underpants, they look like fucking Craig Kilborn.


12:00-12:30PM – Love Inks – Easy breezy gloomy tunes. I keep thinking I like this band and really, truly keep meaning to see them but – somehow – never do.

12:35-1:05PM – Vockah Redu – BOUNCE! COSTUMES! DUDES! ABS! ASS! BOUNCE!

1:10-1:40PM – Gold Fields – Aussie electric dream pop. Hella fucking 80s shuffle swaying at Danceteria.

1:45-2:25PM – Daughn Gibson – An ex trucker who plays a really fucking unique laptop country goth croon that I can’t tell is total genius or almost wholly insufferable. Music for the gritty Twin Peaks reboot.

2:30-3:10PM – Anamanaguchi – Chiptune? Fuck you.

3:15-3:55PM – DMC – DMC as in, like, Darryl McDaniels? Huh.

4:00-4:40PM – Kreayshawn – I don’t give a shit how self-aware Kreayshawn is, her music is the worst and listening to it makes you a bad person.

4:45-5:25PM – Tanlines – Man, Brooklyn really likes its synth something fierce, huh? What are you gonna do? The 80s were terribly for everyone.

5:30-6:10PM – Schoolboy Q – AHAHAH! WHAT?!?! “Druggys Wit Hoes.” Why the fuck not?

6:15-6:55PM – Charli XCX – Ahem… “♥ SINGER ♥ RAVER ♥ FREAK OUT DANCER ♥ NUCLEAR LOVER ♥” Nineteen years old. I’ve accomplished nothing.

7:00-7:45PM – Danny Brown – Whoa. This dude rules.

7:50-8:40PM – STRFKR – Starfucker. StarFUCKER! SAY IT! SAY “FUCKER!!!!” Welcome electric bliss.

8:45-9:45PM – A$AP Rocky – People get mad when I suggest that this dude’s name is uncomfortably similar to Aesop Rock because he’s not. He’s got a mob.

SUNDAY! 11/4!

11:50AM-12:30PM – American Royalty – Big beats, garage psych guitar and some serious pipes on the singer. Maaaaaaybe.

12:35-1:05PM – Feathers – Electronicish “rock” from girls with bangs for girls with bangs and, maybe, the boys who love them.

1:10-1:40PM – A.Dd+ – What is this, fucking calculus?

1:45-2:20PM – Baauer – The imagined pronunciation of this name is gonna stick in my head like drunk Pac Man for the rest of the day. Kinda sounds like a station ID for Hot 97.

2:25-3:00PM – Nicky Da B – BOUNCE! BOUNCE! BOOOOOOUUUUNNNNCCCEEEE!!! Damn, I really like bounce. Nicky Da B is the shit.

3:05-3:40PM – Nite Jewel – I really wanted to be on board with Nite Jewel because, seriously, fuck Grimes but I have yet to find the appropriate mood for the sour synthy retro dance gloom. This video rules, though.

3:45-4:25PM – Class Actress – I honestly don’t know why I like this band but I do. I think it’s the nylons.

4:30-5:15PM – Trust – Oh my god. Olivier LOVES Trust. I do not. Sounds like twee goths synthing on nitrous with marbles in their mouths dimly aspiring to be Witch House. Also, Canada.

5:20-6:05PM – The Octopus Project – I totally forgot about the “indietronica” label. Huh. The Octopus Project has been around for over a decade and their music is full of joy.

6:10-7:00PM – Rakim – Let’s hope the legend plays this year. I can’t do another Kool Keith set.

7:05-7:50PM – Araabmuzik – Lemon? Anything? Ben? Kap’n? Okay, then. Um…dub…step?

7:55-8:45PM – De La Soul – Hells yeah.

8:50-9:50PM – Etienne de Crecy – Twenty years of French electronic music performed inside a wicked fucking awesome light cube. Yeah, dude. You should probably check this out.

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