F*ckface (NSFW) F*ckface (NSFW)

Fuckface – Fuckface

Fuckface – Fuckface

I totally would’ve fucked to this record. I don’t know if that says something about me or about Fuckface (FUCKFACE!) or about the women I’ve known biblically. If there was a time – and there was – when I could eat pussy through a 45 minute, two part dirge wreck version of “Ov Power” while bleeding profusely from a fresh neck wound, then I definitely would’ve wound up dead in a chicken head full of soiled panties bought with a warm six pack of Heineken, a lethal dose of duct tape shoved up my ass, rock hard in my mother’s old motocross boots… had this record actually come out when it was recorded,


Thankfully, though, this drum-heavy (four and a fucking noise merchant) Milwaukee hate scree was relegated to certain oblivion for the fifteen years it took me to understand that dual asphyxiation blood play was something better left peppered lightly over later dates.

So I guess that’s some perspective. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just the sweet anemia of aging but stumbling onto this bad time mélange of late 80s post-love influence certainly made me hanker for those bad times again.

Because I could never cum to the Butthole Surfers, no matter how fucked up I was (because?) and the relentless thud of Swans just made sex stink of sweatshop labor.

And Fuckface (FUCKFACE! FUCKFACE! FUCKFACE!) has/had the perfect traces of both?

I’m sorry.

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