Frog Eyes – Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph Frog Eyes – Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph

Frog Eyes - Paul's Tomb: A Triumph

Frog Eyes - Paul's Tomb: A Triumph

Carey Mercer is Frog Eyes.  I say this not to shadow the efforts of his band mates, including his wife on drums.  I say it because he is attractive, perhaps not in the physical sense, but because most everything he does is as tactile as it is interesting.  It is quite easy to observe Frog Eyes as that abnormal animal captured and caged.  Mostly anyone who watches is horrified and disgusted, few are interested, and even fewer are fanatics who want to free this beast.

Frog Eyes is a tough beast to free.  Built upon effect pedals and the almost constantly swirling and howling vocals of Mercer the band is an acquired taste to most.  Purely one of those bands you will never get showcased on an alternative radio station.  This is not due to a lack of accomplishment, as the previous Frog Eyes release, Tears of the Valedictorian, was critically heralded in 2007.  As well as last year Mercer released an album (Skin of Evil) through his solo guise Blackout Beach, which was also received well.

Paul’s Tomb is a vigorously paced output that still draws heavily on themes and lyrics that were present in Skin of Evil.  The formula has not changed much for Frog Eyes, just tweaked a small amount.  Still a good amount of fuzz contained from these guitars, still intelligent and thought provoking themes and lyrics, and still Carey Mercer in the center of it all.

Fabricating singles out of these tracks just cannot be done.  Constantly Frog Eyes have put out albums that beckoned to be listened to from beginning to end, acquiring the taste of the whole always much more imperative to small snippets of listening samples.  To take a track out of this album is taking it out of its element.

Lead track “A Flower In A Glove” kicks off with a swaying guitar and rumbling drums, nestling in your ear canals at a few ticks over nine minutes.  This is almost common, as four of the nine tracks come in at over six minutes in length.  Often times, as is the case with “Paul’s Tomb”, Mercer’s vocals are some semblance of a shouting poem.  “Oh the sun is a cold and pale horizon, and it knows not the rays that it bequeaths unto the dying,” Mercer proclaims.

On a new record label, Dead Oceans, and highlighting Megan Boddy as a backup vocalist, A Triumph seems aptly named.  Sensational, epic song writing bends the bars on the cage of this abnormal animal.  Having nearly the entire album recorded live to tape, these songs illuminate rooms with lightning flashes of guitars, piano, and drums.  Seemingly Frog Eyes is more than content to keep on fabricating sparkling albums without mainstream acknowledgment.  Consider this wholly acknowledged.

Track List:
1. A Flower In A Glove
2. The Sensitive Girls
3. Odetta’s War
4. Rebel Horns
5. The Lear, In The Park
6. Styled By Dr. Roberts
7. Lear In Love
8. Violent Psalms
9. Paul’s Tomb

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