Freeball Friday! The Bovary Mission Freeball Friday! The Bovary Mission

They still make music videos, don’t they?

Moonface – “Headed for the Door”

A long, sad song full of sadness and longing for fans of the grayscale melodrama popularized by the early works of Anton Corbijn and synthetic love letters read aloud by lighthouses while drowning.

Beach House – “Wild”

I’m not the biggest fan of Beach House but my girlfriend is and so is my friend Liz who acted as post producer on this vid which probably doesn’t mean all that much to people who don’t live lives that refer to “the business” but sure as shit meant a lot to her. What the fuck is with me and woe today?

Museum Mouth – “Sexy But Not Happy”

Yeah. Fuck sad. Museum Mouth came at me through the ever awesome folks at Bear Trap PR and, on paper, I should’ve hated the fuck out of the band’s lo-fi fuzz mongering post Pratt brat pop but I didn’t. In fact, I kinda credit this band for allowing me to listen to all sorts of new glue-sniffing, aluminum madness.

Miss Guy – “Take it Off”

“Fuckers want to fuck with me/I just want to fuck with you”

Pig Destroyer – “The Diplomat”

Just be thankful I didn’t share the latest Cattle Decapitation snuff film.

Double Secret Bonus Clip:

You’re welcome.

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