Freeball Friday! Swingin’ Back Down to Austin – Yeezy Edition Freeball Friday! Swingin’ Back Down to Austin – Yeezy Edition

The wonderful people over at VEVO responsible for the SXSW 2011 Kanye West show have finally released the very high quality video from the event. Pretty Amaze-Balls, however, no “All of the Lights” with ‘Ye backed by the High School band? Bummer. Nevertheless, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kid Cudi, John Legend etc…not bad.
(From VEVO) Kanye West – SXSW 2011 Performance

Kanye West – “Dark Fantasy”

I think it should be said that Pinpoint brain-trust was in attendance, one way or another, in various states of sobriety. “Dark Fantasy” kicked off Kanye’s set – I’m not really a “keeping track of set list” guy, so yeah…go to VEVO!

Kanye West & Jay-Z – “H.A.M.”

How big is this Watch The Throne album going to be? Pretty big?…is that a safe answer? Yes.

Kid Cudi – “Pursuit of Happiness”

Wish I could have got a little more Cudi and less…other guys.

Mos Def – “Intro/Oh No”

A recent addition to the whole G.O.O.D. Music/Friends of Kanye tribe, Mos Def opened the show with some awesome weirdness. Wouldn’t you totally go to a circus that was hosted by Mos Def? Get on it.

Kanye West featuring John Legend – “Blame Game”

I go back and forth on this song; is it my least favorite? do I absolutely love it? I don’t know. But I have definitely gotten my fuck-on to John Legend, and at the same time, I openly admit to having a John Legend man-crush. Is that weird? Again, I just don’t know.

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