Freeball Friday!  Shake ‘Em Dry! Freeball Friday! Shake ‘Em Dry!

Justice – “Civilization”

Justice – Civilization by justice

I was just thinking to myself “meh, Justice videos don’t really do it for me anymore”; but really? Are we (am I?) so jaded? What the fuck would I have thought 10 years ago? Jesus, I hate myself.

Architecture in Helsinki – “Escapee”

Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee from Architecture in Helsinki on Vimeo.

Dope ass white people.

Digitalism – “2 Hearts”

I heard someone say Digitalism makes Daft Punk look like a bunch of choads or something, but are people really jizzing over Digitalism? I mean, they don’t suck, but, are they really better than Daft Punk?

Side Note: How funny was it to hear Jemaine and Bret say “Daft Punk” in their New Zealander accents on “Flight of the Conchords”? Hilarious, right?

Is Tropical – “The Greeks”

Reminds me of that old Spike Jonz, Biggie video for “Sky’s the Limit” where they use little kid-actors to play the parts of each person in the video. This is childhood in awesome-land.

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