Freeball Friday! Pop Goes the Webelo! Freeball Friday! Pop Goes the Webelo!

The Luyas – “Fifty Fifty”

We first saw The Luyas play in the abandoned store front next to Other Music in NYC at the High Violet thing that The National was hosting that they totally didn’t play at which was kind of a major “duh” on our always-wishing-we-were-there-when nerd alert parts but whatever because The Luyas did and they were awesome in a genuinely adorable weirdness sort of way (Mort à la Deschanel!). Their new record, Animator is coming out on October 16 and if this go-go pop love nightmare is any indication of what’s in store then we are crushing like a mofo.

Miss Guy – “Don’t Stop”

And again we have Miss Guy. This time forsaking the sad drug puppets for tender sex/murder fantasy because that is totally a thing. What? It is. And it’s best played out against post gender identity balladeering. Curiously, it wasn’t until the end of the video that we learned that Charles’ friend Barb Morrison had her badass hands way deep in the making of this track. Barb is awesome. So’s full disclosure.

BRONCHO – “Try Me Out Sometime”

How’s about a video now where nothing’s weird and no one’s sex killed and rock and roll is all backwards hat in the turning lane forever and ever amen? Yeah. That’s the ticket. BRONCHO is one of the many late night bands we’ve stumble on completely and totally by accident (drunk) and we’re happy as the last golden pig slopped in the emperor’s shit because catchy tracks are a rare and thing, indeed.

The Shrine – “Louise”

DUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!! The Shrine is the fucking shit. And if you think otherwise you can just park your unfunloving ass the fuck back on Khrushchev’s lap and leave the skate America forever beer shred party to those of us who know what is best in life.

Unnatural Helpers – “Medication”

Hooray! It’s the pill-poppingingest, unsubtleest, garage-rockingest, clay-face-meltingest video of the last few weeks. Let’s get weird, man. We’re all gonna die!

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