Freeball Friday! No Underwear In Public Freeball Friday! No Underwear In Public

SBTRKT – “Hold On”

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Off the debut album from SBTRKT, “Hold On” isn’t exactly a new song, but it’s kinda cool and sad, and the video is super frustrating. Which I like.

Regina Spektor – “All The Rowboats”

This video doesn’t need to exist. I mean, I really like the song and I, like a few people might have a mild crush on Regina Spektor. The video also does a good job making Regina Spektor look prettier than she usually does, which is nice, I guess; and again, I really like the song, but there’s nothing special or cool or anything noteworthy at all. It would be more impactful if she was just standing there looking cute into the camera, rather than running and doing weird camera stuff.

Dum Dum Girls – “Coming Down”

Now THIS, Regina Spektor, is what your video should have looked like; simple, focused, beautiful.

Odd Future – “Oldie”

The Wu-Tang comparisons are flying around pretty recklessly right now; and not without warrant. This might be the best thing the OF fuckers have put together so far. Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats and the recently returned Earl Sweatshirt all kill it – and Tyler is not as annoying as he usually is. Also notice Terry Richardson in the opening of the video.

2 Responses about “Freeball Friday! No Underwear In Public”

  • MTV is still airing music videos? Also is there a form I can to fill out to be a member of Odd Future or at least stand in the background of their videos?

  • rowe says:

    must be fitted head to toe with skate-centric clothes from relevant male fashion blogs and…i think thats it actually. you just have to look the part and find them in your city. it also helps if you have a wrist injury