Freeball Friday! Major Rager Freeball Friday! Major Rager

Major Lazer – “Original Don”

I guess I’ll call this a choreographed, bladed-weapon, international ghetto-tech homage to Napoleon Dynamite. Not sure how much I’m in love with a random dude yelling “bomboclat” – but Diplo in a yellow knitted collared shirt buttoned to the top more than makes up for it, and just might start an international fashion craze. I also, more and more, find myself wanting to dress like Maury Povich, soo…

Ty Segall – “Where Your Head Goes”

“Drugs are good, and if you do them people think that you’re cool.” That’s a NOFX lyric I reference every once in a while when I don’t have original words to express a thought, but I think sounds funny and will get a laugh. It almost never does, people usually think I’m serious (I’m half serious) and don’t laugh and girls definitely don’t want to fuck me anymore. So I’ll stop saying that, I think.

Young the Giant – “My Body”

Thanks for calling me out on Young The Giant this week Liz. I should have known who Young The Giant was, and I really like songs that could potentially be perceived as the thoughts of a serial rapist. Sign me up!

Das Racist – “Brand New Dance”

Not quite sure why this song deserves a video, and I still can’t tell if and when Das Racist is playing a practical joke on us and when they’re being serious. Not sure if I like that “style.” On another note, I literally googled “gold chain rental” last night…because I’m interested in renting a giant gold chain, you know, for special occasions.

Shabazz Palaces – Black Up (Album)

More of a short film, this visual display showcases the album Black Up from Shabazz Palaces. Album of the year? Check back in soon for Pinpoint Music’s “Best of 2011” list!

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