Freeball Friday! Goddamn Groundhog Freeball Friday! Goddamn Groundhog

M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”

Ok, M.I.A. is bad. Michael Jackson bad. This video is so hot every female MC, fuggit, every MC better be taking notice…is what I would be saying if this were 2007. I guess it takes about 5 years after having a kid to come hard again. Kids fucking suck.

Miike Snow – “Paddling Out”

Dancey Miike Snow jam. The video is what would happen if someone actually filmed what me and my friends talked about when we got high back in high school. Yeah, that’s right, foppish British lords eating pancakes.

Hunx – “Always Forever”

Hunx – Always Forever from Hardly Art on Vimeo.

Hunx sans Punx, from his first solo recording. Although this song is pretty rad, and I dig it pretty hard, I can’t help but think of a pre-skinsuit/mangina-era Buffalo Bill (you know, when things were good) everytime Hunx says “you wanted it this way”.

Gothic Tropic – “Kill Lloyd Opus” (from the artist James Kid)

Opus by Goth by Kid (video for Kill Lloyd Opus by Gothic Tropic) from james markidis (james kid) on Vimeo.

Our Editor-In-Chief Ben wants you to have many seizures. Not just one or a couple, many.

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