Freeball Friday! Gettin’ the Boys Right Freeball Friday! Gettin’ the Boys Right

Nas featuring Amy Winehouse – Cherry Wine

I’ve heard hip hop songs called “chill”, “jazzy” and “melodic” when speaking of records or artists whose style is more about observing the human condition(think, Common) rather than rat-tat-tat(anything by Rick Ross, god I hate that fucker), and then there’s Bone Thugz; but if it’s possible for a hip hop song to be “pretty”, and the jury is still out on that notion, then I would definitely nominate this track from Nas. No homo, Nas. I just think you’ve got a powerful mystique in your humility and honest emotion, and…fuck, I think I have a crush on Nas. Dammit, Im out.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Sorry, I had to include this video. Everything is right with music here. The production of the song is fucking phenomenal, the lyrics are haunting and sexy at the same time, and the video is trippy and bleak and just kind of odd all around.
Side Bar: Frank Ocean has to be just swimming in groupie sex juices right now. After that letter explaining his same-sex relationship, and the release of channel ORANGE, his tour bus must be rivaling Tiger Woods in his prime.

Bloc Party – Kettling

Not sure if this video is some statement about bullying or whatever but wouldn’t it be awesome to be a kid and play “Hunger Games” with your little kid friends? I’m not totally sure how it would go down, obviously we wouldn’t actually murder each other (I’m one of the little kids in this scenario), but some everyone-for-him/herself wargame scenario would be fucking awesome. Capture the flag might be the pussier version of that (god, kids are such pussies), so how do we up the ante a little and get ready for those fuckers from the rich district who you know are totally practicing right now?

The Weeknd – Rolling Stone

I heard three different girls talk about this dude this week like, “omg, have you heard of The Weeknd? sooooo good, they’re, is it a ‘they’? or is it one guy?’ idk, but I’m in love with everything on youtube.” So here.

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