Freeball Friday! Gettin’ Swampy Down There Freeball Friday! Gettin’ Swampy Down There

Chromeo – “When The Night Falls”

For some reason Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) is in this video. If you’re half-famous (related to someone famous) do you just get to be in any music video you want? Do you just have your people call their people? It must be fucking awesome to be Solange Knowles, all the Jay-Z/Beyonce fringe benefits, without all the shit that celebrities bitch about. Good hustle.

Moby – “Lie Down In Darkness”

A few years back My buddy Hot Carl was taking a piss in some hotel lobby in LA and Moby walked into the same restroom and very appropriately for the situation, began using a urinal next to Hot Carl. Hot Carl, being the uber-sceney, hardcore savant, former writer for Maximum Rock and Roll that he is, told Moby that he really liked his hardcore band that noone had ever heard of. I don’t remember if he said that Moby was amused or not. That’s my only Moby story. Cool visuals though.

Kanye West, Jay-Z – “Otis”

Cool sample, nice video and all. Watch the Throne?…massive disappointment.

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