Freeball Friday! Frid-Ye the 13th Freeball Friday! Frid-Ye the 13th

Kanye West – “Through The Wire”

I came across this video today in some pop-culture blog about the Kanye-Kim Kardashian live-action publicity stunt and something was kinda shaken within me; this dude actually likes her. Not to get all gossipy and shit, but Kanye West really has nothing to gain from getting sucked into the Kardashian world. He’s already F-you rich, his whole life is already a reality show, he actually has talents and creative endeavors in music and high fashion. She fucking hocks asshole bleach. Nothing to gain here for Mr. West – unless he actually likes her. Fuck. Here’s to hoping she fucks him up real good and he gives us another brilliant album in a few years.

Bloc Party – “Octopus”

We haven’t heard anything from Bloc Party in a while, am I right? Either way, this song, the first single off their new album Four is pretty good. I would be pretty stoked to see them at Outside Lands this year, but I just found out this week that I can’t go. Pretty huge bummer, but I’m going to Vegas instead, so it’s not like I have to go to a family reunion in Ohio or something. I haven’t been to Vegas in about four years and it just occurred to me that Vegas is exactly the type of place that would be “way into dubstep”. Im fucked.

OFF! – “Borrow and Bomb” / “I Got News For You”

A few great things to note about this video(s):
Dave Foley being excellent, old as fuck, but still excellent; the girl who flips off Dave Foley (instead of raising her hand) when he asks if anyone has “heard of punk rock”; the cat that runs across the front of the stage as the band begins to play; the Teen Talk girls giving the 35-yr-old dude bedroom eyes; all the 80’s VHS flashback nonsense

Side Note: Is Charles an OFF! fan? Does anyone know?

Justice – “New Lands”

Hell Yeah! Let’s mix all the sports…and eye-patches. Oh yeah, and Hunger Games, and Pac Man (table-top version, of course), and smoking indoors is cool. Boom, America, bitches!

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