Freeball Friday! Double Deuce Freeball Friday! Double Deuce

In deference to Michael Stipe’s recent appearance alongside Chris Martin for a stellar rendition of “Losing My Religion,” we’ve decided to commit an entire Freeball Friday! to the power (and pitfalls) of sonic collaboration. Pretty straight forward, eh? ENJOY!

Sonic Youth ft. Lydia Lunch – “Death Valley ’69”

The baddest No Wave bitch still runnin’ (and former Dead Boy feeder) adds a sinister sexuality to the world’s favorite rock and roll deconstructionists on this, the band’s best bleak ass freakout.

Iggy Pop ft. Kate Pierson – “Candy”

I tend to forget all about this song…then I’ll have it in my head for a week. Kate Pierson is a dream.

Anthrax ft. Public Enemy – “Bring the Noise (live)”

Don’t lie. This song totally changed your life. I’m including the live version here because, duh…Ice T.

Queen ft. David Bowie – “Under Pressure”

Best song ever? Best song ever.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ft. Shane MacGowan – “What a Wonderful World”

This makes sense.

Motorhead ft. Wendy O. Williams – “No Class (live)”

They’re like friggin’ cocaine whiskey twins.

Weezer ft. Chamillionaire – “Can’t Stop Partying (live)”

This track originally featured Lil’ Wayne but here it is with Chamillionaire for some reason.

William Shatner ft. Henry Rollins – “I Can’t Get Behind That”

Wait, what? Also puppets.

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