Freeball Friday! Day Late and Dollar Short Edition Freeball Friday! Day Late and Dollar Short Edition

Sorry. We slept in late. There were things to do, places to meet, people to be – you know the routine. But it just wouldn’t be the weekend for you, me, us, XTC if we didn’t meet it properly.

So let’s start off with some fat, bearded men yelling at me.

1994! – “Acknowledge the Rage”

1994! – “King Kong Stompin Man”

I don’t know if this is skramz or rock or art or what but it’s fun as fuck and these are definitely the most delightfully inspired videos I’ve seen since talking dirty to KIT at Universal Studios.

Now let’s move on to Joy Division…

Joy Division – Digital (live)

…because this is their best goddamn song and this, though dark and dingy, is a totally inspired version.

Hey! Speaking of XTC!

XTC – “Making Plans for Nigel”

Okay. Okay. The song is eerie and the video is all sorts of goofball, British creepy but there’s a whole generation of moody teenagers right now looking to learn a little something about what it was like to be pasty back when Reagonomics was king.

But it’s Saturday, right? And you’re here to party so let’s get this party off with the man, himself…

“Andrew WK – Party Hard”

…because you’ll never party harder than Mr. Wilkes Krier with his nachos and his NUC box club and his stained white pants and inspirational speaking tours about…oh, fuck it…PARTY!

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