Freeball Friday! Classic Length Freeball Friday! Classic Length

Lana Del Rey – “Born to Die”

Listen lips, you’re gonna have to slow your roll with the tattooey nakedness and instagram aesthetic or you’re going to break the internet. I do like what you represent though. We all know you’re a phony, a fraud a fabrication; but you’re hot as balls. So it’s kinda all good, as long as you dance for us. Just remember that part Lana. Whoa, that got creepy.

YACHT – “I Walked Alone”

If I know Ben at all, I believe he would call YACHT’s brand of music “wankery”. But fuck you Ben and your fake,lying-to-me-about-getting-arrested-ass, I like YACHT and this song is pretty hyphy. So when you do get arrested, I hope you have a bummer of a night.

A$AP Rocky – “Demons”

Is there anyone hotter right now in hip hop than A$AP Rocky? Can’t decide if I like this dude or not, but I think if I was a New Yorker I’d probably be jockin pretty hard. I dig his gritty imagery and 40oz’s.

Chelsea Wolfe – “Sunstorm”


Do you ever feel obligated to like a band or artist because they’re “from where you’re from”? I do, however, I just can’t get into Chelsea Wolfe’s sad droning. How can memes like White People Problems be a thing and then Chelsea Wolfe’s woe-is-me, soundtrack to a future suicide music, exist?

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