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Kanye West – “Lost in The World” feat. Bon Iver

Say what you will about Kanye, actually, fuck that, Kanye’s the man. Get over it, all of you. He was up on this Bon Iver/Justin Vernon shit before you were all jizzing over his mellow harmonies and SNL parodies. Every time you wanna hate on Kanye, remember that Chris Brown still makes records that you all buy, and then go fuck yourself.

Cursive – “Drunken Birds”

Something about this song bugs me. The video is uncomfortable; I like that – but the tempo of the song just feels “in-between”. It’s not totally fast, it’s not medium or slow, it’s just in a weird place. Maybe that was the point of pairing it with the accompanying visuals. Discomfort is thew new black.

Now, Now – “Thread”

Babe alert! No, no; I musn’t let my crush(es) come before the fact that Now, Now is pretty rad and, as I wrote in my review of their performance with The Naked And Famous, I think they’ll rip any indie club and can’t wait for them to tour on their own. But gasp! No tour stop in San Francisco? WTF CV?

Aesop Rock – “Zero Dark Thrity”

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Pretty dope Aesop song, even better video. Simple, artistic, portrays the emotional state behind the song and lyric – Best video of the week. Also, the fact that this is on kinda makes me happy for some reason. I’m glad that they’ve taken to the web to release cutting edge videos rather than succumbing to the masses of idiots who complain that “MTV never plays videos anymore” – blah. Why would they? Should we all just pretend that the internet, ipods, pandora, spotify, youtube, vimeo doesn’t exist? That terrestrial radio is as strong and popular as ever? Get outta here.

Ok, that is all for now.

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