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Family of the Year – “St. Croix”

Family of the Year played the Pinpoint Music SXSW 2010 showcase, rocked it and became favorites of the staff over here at PPM. I had a chance to check them out a couple weeks ago and was able to make a fan out of the friend I went with. Check out the video, there’s no way to hate it.

Florence + The Machine – “No Light, No Light”

Is this chick’s name Florence? Or is this a “Hootie and the Blowfish” situation? I’m literally in front of a computer and could easily wikipedia that shit, like, really easily, but I’m just going to assume it’s Sinead O’Connor instead. Aaaand done. Sinead O’Connor + The Machine.

Black Lips – “Raw Meat”

Black Lips – “Raw Meat” from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

Another Black Lips video, doing their best Ramones impression; but wait whats this? It’s fuckin’ Telly from KIDS! Yes! Whatever snarky nonsense I was going to make up…it’s Telly!

Pujol – “Mayday” Video

…And rounding out this edition of Freeball Friday is a video from Pujol, another Pinpoint Music SXSW 2010 showcase performer. And I’ll be damned if the lead singer doesn’t look like youngest, better-looking Gallagher brother that none of us have never heard of. I dig this song and can’t wait for more music from these dudes.

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