Freeball Friday!  9/9 Memorial Tribute Freeball Friday! 9/9 Memorial Tribute

Das Racist – “Michael Jackson”Despite having to endure their terrible live set the first and only time I’ve seen them, I’m still giving Das Racist a shot here. Why? Because everyone deserves a second chance on 9/11 weekend!

Little Dragon – “Brush the Heat”

Watching this video makes me feel like an uber-conservative guy who hates Obama watching Fox News. I already don’t really like Little Dragon, so every little visual aspect is loathsome and reaffirms all of my previous beliefs. But if this was a video for a band I already liked, it would probably be pretty cool.

Kid Cudi – “Mr. Rager”

Kid Cudi x S2A – “Mr Rager” from Surface to Air on Vimeo.

Remember when they made a live-action Ninja Turtles movie with Vanilla Ice? Well, the punks from Shredder’s lair all grew up, got sweet leather jackets and tattoos and shit, and choreographed a Kill Bill-esque fight scene with Kid Cudi.

Someone went to the Godfather and asked for a production budget.

Explosions In the Sky – “Be Comfortable, Creature”

Be Comfortable, Creature from Explosions in the Sky on Vimeo.

Kind of an adorable storyline in the video, but I think if you were on drugs it might freak you the fuck out. So, as your friend, don’t freak it, it will be ok.

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