Frankie Rose @ The Soda Bar – 1.31.14 Frankie Rose @ The Soda Bar – 1.31.14

All photos by Ben Irwin.


Ed. Note: Frankie Rose. Oh, Frankie Rose. What a desert dream you spin and yes, we must concede that we here in the decidedly cold and unblonde offices of Pinpoint HQ are brimming with envy that our Commander in Chief, El Jefe Irwin had the opportunity to see you shake the small walls of The Soda Bar to close out January but that’s okay. We’ve heard we look good in green and besides, we’ve got Interstellar and Herein Wild to warm our cockles and feed our phantom egrets. Yes, that’s short shrift compared to the real thing but sometimes ya just have to leave that to better Ben. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

Frankie Rose @ The Soda Bar – 1.31.14

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