Foster the People / St. Lucia 4-29-14 – South Side Ballroom Foster the People / St. Lucia 4-29-14 – South Side Ballroom

Photos by Sean Berry Photography


Ed. Note (Foster the People): Often times I fall too deep back into the anti-populist underpinnings that once had my inchoate self believing that if only I did the right white drugs and banged the strip mall lamp post loud enough, I would become the new, true living ghost of Blixa Bargeld and then…um…the money and honeys would roll right in? The rest of the time, I carry more sense with me and appreciate the time and taste it takes to make a career of crafting pop songs that harken enough to the 80s alt cultural influence, up with people to shake me right back to the grown hope of young boys dancing under the night light to radio wonder while still echoing the nothing is true, everything is permitted postmodern insouciance of right here and fucking now. Wow. Did you know Foster the People’s bassist shares a nickname with Charles’ favorite author? Well, he does…and Patient Zero is sold.

Ed. Note (St. Lucia): Of all the love the 80s get these days (and yes, I know all good artists can transcend their ready referetials) no one ever talks about Howard Jones (who I – often – have to remind myself was never a wing in Flock of Seagulls) which is a shame because that man was something of a (albeit, or OF COURSE classically trained) synth pop king in his day whose “Everlasting Love” remains a track that will never escape my increasingly fraying psyche and whose pleasantly quaffed panache just drips from the easy breeze and winking teeth let’s dance dance, underpants (credit: Ms. Mitzi) ’til you love me forever sound that is St. Lucia. Goddamn. His jams just make me want to be a such a better man, friend and unselfish lover.

Pics of Foster The People – 4-29-14 – South Side Ballroom

Pics of St. Lucia – 4-29-14 – South Side Ballroom

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