Flying Lotus – Pattern + Grid World EP Flying Lotus – Pattern + Grid World EP

Flying Lotus- Pattern + Grid World EP

Flying Lotus- Pattern + Grid World EP

Los Angeles’ Steven Ellison is fast becoming the most important name in current electronic music. Jazz, chiptune, electro, breakbeat- no genre is untouchable for Ellison. What also seems to be defining Ellison at the moment is his sheer workmanship; Pattern +Grid World reaches us only months after Cosmogramma, his most recent full length piece under the Flying Lotus moniker and incidentally one of the best electronic albums of the year. Breathtaking in its vision and scope, Cosmogramma was very much an album that needed listening to start to finish with each listen. It’s a welcome progression then that Ellison has chosen to whet our appetites with Pattern +Grid World, a brief EP that sounds typically Flying Lotus yet reveals new depths with each listen.

It’s a much more accessible listen than say, Cosmogramma or Los Angeles. Whether this is due to brevity or the fact that each song could happily be played on its’ own out of context is a matter of opinion; the answer is probably both. The beauty of Pattern + Grid World is that these songs can be listened to separately, yet when placed alongside each other and played from start to finish the EP takes on a whole new depth. Pattern + Grid World is smartly constructed.

Not to make Ellison’s work sound purely functional. The EP is a delight. The souped up opener of “Clay” sees air raid sirens fighting to be heard amongst what is now becoming a classic sounding L.A. beat, whilst alien sounding vocoders purr harmlessly in the background alongside some seriously funky bass progressions. Functional? The effect is anything but. As is usual from Ellison, this is barely contained electronic madness.

The brilliantly titled “Kill Your Co-Workers” would of course be the track with the gleeful sounding chiptune and choir of 8 bit synthesisers; a track that sounds as bitter against the monotonies of middle class life as its’ title would suggest. “PieFace” puts percussion at the top of the agenda for the first time in a FlyLo piece. The wonky step electronics throughout will ensure that this is the most sinister sounding snare and hi-hat accompaniment that you’ll have heard in recent times.

Just as Pattern + Grid World threatens going through the motions, the hectic closer of “Physics For Everyone!” romps things home. Hand claps and a warped electro riff are just what’s needed to close out an EP that sounds like nothing else but Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus - Pattern + Grid World EP, reviewed by Lemon on 2010-12-07T14:09:52-08:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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