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Fischerspooner – Entertainment

Fischerspooner – Entertainment

I used to be a respectable masochist. I would cut myself with razors stolen from my mother’s disused Lady Bics. I would put cigarettes out on my forearm. I would date drug-loving half-lesbians and vomit alongside them at unisex stalls imagining all the other guys they fucked at summer stock while I was home, alone, in New York writing poems about metaphoric snow and listening to Einsturzende Neubaten instead of scoring with the tank top squad that heralds in the dry season.

All right, so maybe that was more adolescent than respectable but, at least, the pain was direct. I wanted to hurt and so I did. Q.E.D.

Now, I’m listening to Fischerspooner records.

And that sucks.

Sure, Entertainment is banal as all fuck. The synth angle is plagued with exhaustion and irony not even the occasionally French pretense can defend and the voice is just awful. Terrible. F.
But the worst thing about this record is that it’s, basically, inoffensive. It just is. Existing in some corner of culture that I don’t ever enter and never bothers to come lamp-shading my way to a beat I can’t imagine even the most bedazzled GHB kids twirling their worn glow sticks to at the end of the party when the shakes set in.

I mean, seriously. Who the fuck listens to this? It used to be those thin-shirt shits in neckerchiefs but now they’re all up the ass of telephone punk. Pleather clad pricks on Bedford Avenue sighing through blonde parties over vintage sherry and Nat Sherman blacks.

But now, who gives a damn?


1. The Best Revenge
2. We Are Electric
3. Money Can’t Dance
4. In A Modern World
5. Supply & amp; Demand
6. Amuse Bouche
7. Infidels Of the World
8. Door Train Home
9. Danse En France
10. To the Moon

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