Our Favorite Concert Photos of 2012 Our Favorite Concert Photos of 2012

Another year has come and gone and as we, at Pinpoint, crawl slow and unsteadily out of our annual grandstand of a hangover we wanted to take one last minute to reflect on what the hell happened in 2012. This (and we swear, the last) time we look to our Editors to share some of their favorite rocktography of the last 365 days, nights and fuzzy afternoons for your back to the grind delight. ENJOY!


Photos by Ben (featuring Jack White, Fiona Apple and Japandroids)

Photos by Charles (featuring Planes Mistaken for Stars, Fucked Up and Christeene)

Photos by Kaptain Carbon (featuring The Starfighter Corps, Cannons, War On women, The Mostly Dead, You Bred Raptors?, and Maryland Deathfest)

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