Father John Misty @ Stubb’s – 4.24.15 Father John Misty @ Stubb’s – 4.24.15


Ed. Note: Oh, man. This friggin’ guy. The kids, they friggin’ LOVE this friggin’ guy. Padre Juan Brumoso. It’s a good name, I’m not gonna lie and the woozy folky smirk and wry bombast he delivers on I Love You, Honeybear is some full-on gopher bait (Mr. Callahan was more eloquent) I would prolly give my life to if it weren’t already oversold for refried beans (mi vida not his oeuvre). But where the man really shines like a gas huffer in the confessional is live and that’s exactly why we sent Ms. Maggie to cover his tenure over Texas last week. Unfortunately, the gig left her too damn dumbstruck to verbally testify so please dig, if you will, her pictures.

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