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Fang Island - Fang Island

Fang Island - Fang Island

Thank you, Fang Island. It’s been cold here these days. Dark, gray snow turning the once winter wonder into cheap liquor sleet and it’s taking a toll. On our hearts. On our minds. On our souls.

It’s breaking us down. It’s making us monsters. Tortured mimeographs of the id, once singing on top of the mountain until it’s lips bled a thousand shades of night this town would write in it’s annals as reason enough for being alive.

To come. To thrive.

Now reduced to groaning about four hundred bucks spent on a pair of dimly lit tits. Fingering change for a beer, a pack of cigarettes.

It’s a fucking sin.

But I think you might have saved us. Given us that sunshine succour that washes away all the shame. The grit and grime and grief of this treacherous season and replaced it with a glory. An ode to joy with choruses wide as the summer sea and moments that warm us like the hidden kiss of young lovers in spring.

Shit, I’m reduced to simile.

I can’t help it. I’m happy. For the first time this year, it seems. Boundless and enthusiastic. On my way home from work I found myself shimmying on the ice, clapping along to “Daisy”. Trying to echo words that escaped me. Whistling instead. Not giving a shit when I slipped. When I bumped passed a grumpy young thug ruing the fact that he went night-shopping at Key Food without lacing his Timberlands.

Fuck him.

No. That’s not right.

Fuck me.

For not living as loud as I can. For falling prey to the gloom of Vitamin D deficiency. For forgetting what it means (however briefly) to be fucking epic. To smile despite my daily trappings. To be present. To BE! As the man I am. An aspiration to the greatest things.

A triumph.

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