Fanfarlo Offer an Early Valentine, ‘Let’s Go Extinct’ (due 2.11.14) Fanfarlo Offer an Early Valentine, ‘Let’s Go Extinct’ (due 2.11.14)

image001Maybe it’s just the poisoned turkey talking up deep from my routinely ill humor but there’s something that’s just fetching about a band releasing an experimental krautrock electro pop extravaganza whose concept dizzies around the curios of human evolution in the great glitter of an uncertain future three day’s shy of St. Valentine’s. Not that the Brits of Fanfarlo give a damn for our bloated romanticism (nor, I suppose, do their label [the newly revivified] Blue Horizon) but whatever…I’ll glean something coy from the verdant promise of this here teaser they offered to lull us into their great space race because that’s just the kind of young lover I am. ENJOY!

Let’s Go Extinct Tracklist:

Life in the Sky
Cell Song
Myth of Myself (A Ruse to Exploit Our Weaknesses)
A Distance
We’re the Future
Painting with Life
Grey and Gold
The Beginning and the End
Let’s Go Extinct

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