Explosions In The Sky @ The Hollywood Palladium June 27th 2009 Explosions In The Sky @ The Hollywood Palladium June 27th 2009

Explosions In The Sky - Hollywood Palladium

Explosions In The Sky - Hollywood Palladium

Hollywood was treated to some of West Texas’s finest musicians when Explosions in the Sky played at the Hollywood Palladium on June 27th 2009. Seeing as Explosions hadn’t headlined a tour in nearly a year, and this was the first show of their 10th Anniversary Tour, there was a lot of anticipation building up to the performance.

Explosions unassumingly took a stage that was decorated for minimalists, adorned solely with a Texas state flag. Contrary to what one would expect from a band with such a vivid name, Explosions in the Sky was there to let their music shine over any theatrics or glitter.

The entire set was about 2 hours, and no encore was necessary, as the men from West Texas left everything on stage. Beautifully arranged melodies, from across their entire catalog, were accented by a wispy fog, and set a mood that made the night feel surreal. The Palladium was lit like a Tokyo Sex district glowing with neon pink and purple. The sultry lighting shone down a crowd of shoe gazers and chest pounders. The glassy look in the eyes of the crowd was what Jim Jones must have seen right before he handed out the poison kool aid; I’m pretty sure Explosions in the Sky could have got plenty of people to have a drink this night.

The Only Moment We Were Alone
Your Hand In Mine
The Birth And Death Of The Day
Greet Death
Snow and Lights
Six Days At The Bottom of the Ocean
A Song for Our Fathers
A Poor Man’s Memory
Catastrophe And The Cure

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