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Evidence - Cats & Dogs

This album is extremely necessary to the world of hip hop and the music universe. And never has a sentence been more true for a “better than mediocre” album.

You all know Evidence from his days with Dilated Peoples and the just-above-underground, “did that one song with Kanye” – collective of west coast rappers. Maybe you don’t remember or maybe you just figured that if you haven’t done a song with Rihanna by now you’re buried somewhere deep, mixing audio in a studio or getting really into a cause or the bible. Although their temperature in the hip hop world is a little chilly, Dilated Peoples is still around out there in the ether. Evidence, however, is moving forward and starting to make some noise with Cats & Dogs.

Cats & Dogs, is the first Evidence release on the Minneapolis-based Rhymesaysers, the Slug-from-Atmosphere record label that every backpack hip hop head puts their faith in; the same way old school punk and hardcore kids used to buy whatever band’s 7” would come out on whatever was the punkest label at the time. And after following several of the Rhymesayers artists over the years, Evidence is a needed presence amongst the Rhymesayers artists and Cats & Dogs is exactly the type of album needed to balance the uber-conscious, semi-emo collective of hip hop artists on Rhymesayers.

The first thing you notice about Cats & Dogs is the medium sized chip on Evidence’s shoulder. He has attitude and a light dusting of aggressiveness in his delivery that might startle the casual hip hop fan the same way Oakland’s “Occupy” protests got a little too real for the rest of the country. But aggressiveness and attitude has upside. Right around track three the beat and rhythm matches, or maybe properly balances that chip on Evidence’s shoulder and Cats & Dogs becomes a pretty fun album. Catchy beats, songs you can nod your head to that make you wanna quit early and go have a beer. In other words Cats & Dogs remembers that this shit is supposed to be fun and is exactly why it is a necessary counterpoint to the brooding, therapy session-hip hop that is often found in the backpack hip hop world.

1. The Liner Notes Feat. Aloe Blacc
2. Strangers
3. The Red Carpet Feat. Raekwon & Ras Kass
4. It Wasn’t Me
5. I Don’t Need Love
6. You
7. God Bless That Man
8. Fame Feat. Roc Marciano & Prodigy
9. James Hendrix (Step Brothers)
10. Late For The Sky Feat. Slug & Aesop Rock
11. Crash
12. Where You Come From? Feat. Rakaa, Lil Fame & Termanology
13. …
14. To Be Continued…
15. Falling Down
16. Well Runs Dry Feat. Krondon
17. The Epilogue

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