Essaie Pas – Demain Est une Autre Nuit Essaie Pas – Demain Est une Autre Nuit

Essaie Pas - Demain est une autre nuit (2016)

Essaie Pas – Demain est une autre nuit (2016)

When we were younger, O was certain that he would die on the streets of New Orleans, stabbed in the back in a drug deal gone bad or as the crescendo of a star-crossed love affair or maybe just because sometimes a good man needs to end violently to maintain the cosmic order of beautiful corpses.

I can’t remember how my death read then. There’s a good chance I was probably reconciling myself with suicide (as a way to circumvent the filial habit of cancer) but I doubt very much I would have mentioned such an uninspired exit. Odds are, for the time, that I didn’t think that I would ever die or that I reckoned I was already dead on account of what that stranger said in the methadone shadows of a Village café (where S and I drank underaged cocktails with couscous and made out well after curfew) which coincided, rather sublimely, with MD’s revelation that she was a vampire (by way of psychic phantasmagoria I didn’t quite comprehend but I accepted, dumbly, anyway) and therefore – through our storyboard romance of blood-letting/sucking/fucking – so was I or maybe it was the fresh advent mania that came screaming once I went cold turkey after months of ill-prescribed and grossly overwritten meds.

But I probably didn’t say that either.

O could never be bothered with any of that nonsense. He had his own madness to pave and I was envious because every inch of his talent and culture and style and yen and sex played like the perfect prelude for a murder most beautiful.

It didn’t though.

He’s alive today as I am.

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