Escape Music Festival – Delayed Ephemera Escape Music Festival – Delayed Ephemera

Escape Fest - CN - 2761
Escape Fest - CN - 2459
Escape Fest - CN - 3205

Ed. Note: Sometimes, when Charles sets his mind to rally outside the torpid confines of his comfort zone, he finds himself inspired by the movement and the culture and the sound of the real, here and fucking NOW! people, places and energies unfamiliar and that’s pretty great for us (even if it takes him six goddamn months to finally provide his pillow of portraits and prattling) because it affords us the opportunity to relay a man, untethered and taller (if a touch unfocused). Other times, he doesn’t and all we get is an unlabeled, scattershot gallery and a long and yet, somehow, unfinished indulgence on “The Darkness” which is a bummer because you figure if a man’s gonna get drunk on a Sunday and watch Girl Talk play at the very least, he should come away with some unprintable anecdote on bi-curious BJs but no. And rather than relate Charles’ truffle-punctured entendre we’re just gonna go with his photo evidence because we think, therein, you’ll find some accurate relations of what was actually happening at Escape’s inauguration. Now please dig, if you will, his pictures.

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