Escape Music Festival – Day 2 (Preview) Escape Music Festival – Day 2 (Preview)

unnamedSo I just learned these Escapist gigs will be running to midnight at a location further from my house then friggin’ Philadelphia (sorta, I get confused). This is a brutal proposition for a man who has to dig ditches come Monday morning but let’s hope I’ve got enough B12 to pass me off for a pay-grade (de)humanized being because I can’t friggin’ miss Girl Talk, man. I need to cap off the Sunday madness right and proper.

Ed. Note: The Escape Music Festival recently announced set times which do no, necessarily, correlate to the sort order of this preview. You’ll find that info in a poster at the bottom of the page. Please pardon this confusion.

Technasia + Special Guests

I don’t know what Special Guests means when it comes to a dance machine. Another DJ, maybe? A drummer? Free drugs? Perhaps this occasion will mark the return of Amil Khan to Mr. Charles’ Parisian gatefold. Who knows.

Sleepy & Boo

Local kids, adorably named. One day I’ll work up a dissertation on the relevant singularity of the DJ which will have me more hated than the new (not) HHH.

Sébastien Léger

French House prolific. Maison Prolifique. Is that a label, yet? That’s gotta be a label. I guess he lives in Amsterdam now. Never been.

Miss Kittin

I actually think I like Miss Kittin. I think Monsieur turned me onto her in some mega music binge mix in response to me getting his S/O drunk on tequila and wilding out on Christeene. Weirdo smooth groove swoon.

Toni Varga

The only Toni I know is Toni Dead Bones. HELLA different bass invasion.


…and then I was all, “DUDE! Boris is playing this fucking Governors Island dance party thing” and he was all, like, “NO WAY!” and then we were both all air-guitar godding thing thinking about how Wata on the cover of Feedbacker was just all kindsa wrong/right sex machinery but…um…yeah. Not even close.

Alex English

Dude throws parties and knives and, according to Facebook, is locked in on a couple good weirdos I know. True evidence is sorely lacking.

Alan Fitzpatrick

Did I ever tell you that somewhere between trying to learn the difference between techno, jungle and house and licking plumb juice off a teenage lingerie girl I TOTALLY had a mental breakdown? It’s true. I’m still clueless.


Some DJs have all the luck, other DJs have all the talent and I’m thinking this Anoraak cat might fall into the latter camp with his smooth reverential vapor party favors.

Tesla Boy

Russian 80s synth pop smoker’s crooning charisma. You’re crushing.


Genius or bullshit or both? Heaven don’t know and hell ain’t sayin’ but this double dutch joint is kinda New York City now to the bone.

The Joy Formidable

Double bass-kick slayers and axe-wing shredders, this band rules WAY harder than you’d expect from their soft countenance but Wales is strange place, kids (off the beat, near the barrow) and when they do loose wild with their cultural offspring the results are goddamn awe-inspiring.

Mayer Hawthorne

White boy cowling soul. Dance. Dance. Shimmy. Shimmy. Suits and bananas, man. I’m already sleepy.

Girl Talk

Authorship is irrelevance.

Escape Music Festival Schedule:


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