Envy On The Coast – Lowcountry Envy On The Coast – Lowcountry

Envy On The Coast - Lowcountry

Envy On The Coast - Lowcountry

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Envy On The Coast has done a wonderfully masterful job of recording an album meant for 1998.  Mainstream rock that recalls elements of a dark period in music creativity, with rock chords performing as a cure-all.  This is not revisional history, nor homage to a time period.  No, this is just the standard mainstream rock looking for an audience that no longer remains.

The checklist for Lowcountry is as follows:  Driven guitar rock, with a smidge of grit, throw in some themes of fornication, alcohol, and financial instability.  Make sure you have a few overdrive pedals handy, sing softly through the verses just so when the chorus comes you can belt out some screams.  Make it sound like every lyric is a painful twang that comes from the heart and voilà.

Throughout the 90’s mainstream rock was at least good for unleashing some very killer guitar solos.  Unfortunately, Envy On The Coast could not present us with a bevy of those solos; there is prominently one on the album coming on the track “Southern Comfort”.  The other clichés, you ask?  Yes they are still here, including a hidden track after minutes of silence on the last track, and a track of messages left on a phone.

Songs “Made Of Stone” and “Like I Do” serve as refreshing pace changes from the rest of the album.  Both songs slow the tempo, with “Made Of Stone” being an acoustic rendition including tambourine.  Beyond that there are few variances in this output.  Bordering the line of extreme mediocrity. Certainly if straightforward rock with a little edge tickles your fancy, this could be thoroughly enjoyable to your palette.

Some movies fall under the “rent it” instead of the “see it in theater” category.  If such a parallel existed in the music realm, this would be it.  Nothing to get upset at, yet nothing special.  Ideally an infusion of more elements, whether it be instrumental or vocal, would be welcome.

Track List:
1. Death March On Two, Ready?
2. The Devil’s Tongue
3. Head First In The River
4. Puritan Dirt Song
5. Laugh Ourselves To Death
6. The Great American T-shirt Racket
7. Southern Comfort
8. *
9. Like I Do
10. Numb
11. Made Of Stone
12. Clean Of You

Envy On The Coast - Lowcountry, reviewed by Baer on 2010-04-28T12:06:14-07:00 rating 2.4 out of 5

6 Responses about “Envy On The Coast – Lowcountry”

  • limewire says:

    wow fun stuff man.

  • adam says:

    wow, you really don’t know much about music…sad to see something like this get put up online about one of the most talented alt. rock bands around today. maybe you should go listen to some 80’s hair metal to get those crappy solos your looking for…. Kudos to ENVY ON THE COAST for making a creative and unique record….shame on you baer for dragging it through the mud…

  • Baer says:

    Thanks for the response Adam.

    Though we share namesakes, our opinions clearly differ. I’m glad you read the article and it evoked enough emotion out of you to show your support through comment. There is no question about talent, most (if not all) of the bands that get reviews on here ooze with copious amounts of talent. Creativity is where some fall short, I feel EoTC rehashed sonically where early Incubus, et. al, left off.

    To say I do not know much about music? I have no clue how you would accurately know that.

  • Charles says:

    One of the many reasons you’re unlikely to see anything below a 1 on this site is the simple fact that it takes some balls to actually put out a record. Whether or not it’s something worth actually listening to is the stuff of late night trollish debate. Also, if this band can really be said to pick up the piss-stained mantel of Incubus, I’d like to be first on the drunk line to punch them in the (collective) face.

  • MusicFanatic says:

    You sir should not be critiquing music if you dont know wtf you are talking about. Envy On The Coast is phenomenal. Their music/lyrics are like that of early incubus, only they actually make EVERY song with passion and creativity. There are so many little things that stand out with this band unlike any other. I have not heard an envy on the coast song i dont like. Clearly your musical taste is equivalent to that of a tweeny fangirl fawning over anything new while bashing things that revel in classic guitar riffs and amazing drum licks, just because it sounds similar to the music of a different decade. Go listen to country. maybe you will find comfort in the “every song could be a hit because they all sound the same” vibe. ass hole.

  • Don says:

    I won’t curse at you man. I heard what you said up there. Your tone wasn’t too positive. Irregardless, I personally found the record to be incredibly refreshing. I feel like sometimes you have to know where the roots lie in order to move forward. Cleanse the pallette. Red Bull studios got the mix right. It is sonically pleasing. Seems to me like a bold statement; Stripping it all bare.
    And great. the band broke up.