Electric President – The Violent Blue Electric President – The Violent Blue

Electric President - The Violent Blue

Electric President - The Violent Blue

Remember that FOX primetime soap opera drama, The OC?  Of course you do, who did not care about Seth and Summer that first season?  I am also going to suppose you remember when the television show tried to gain quite a bit of street cred with that faux-indie community and went on a rampage of showcasing different “hip” indie rock bands. Going as far as putting out six soundtracks that often found the hands of many of the girls you knew who watched the show.  Most likely these were also the girls you wanted to get with.  So that was a starting point of conversation.

Perhaps you even felt extremely defensive, not wanting to believe that Modest Mouse was right in front of you making an appearance on the show, or that Seth claimed Death Cab for Cutie as his favorite band.  Well aside from the history lesson, here is your chance to renew all those feelings that the show gave to you.  The band in question here, Electric President, had their music appear twice in the syndication of the show, each in the third season.

After that knowledge bomb, I can hear readers clicking the back button, or immediately putting a mental lock on Electric President, never to give The Violent Blue a listen.  I could try to dissuade you from making that decision, but instead I will spread out the facts.  This record sounds more mature than the Electric President you would find on FOX, yet it is clear that thematically it is not a complete venture from the past.

Angst filled, yet with eloquent lyrics that question life’s mysteries.  Pop with a side of Tom Petty-esque vocals at times.  A song like Safe and Sound holds a catchy chorus of claps and the promise of optimism through tough times.  This album is 10 tracks of repackaging.  Every single one, gives me the same feel from it, even a track titled Eat Shit and Die is a very poppy and warm affair.

The disc even ends on the cliché of a longest-song-on-the-album epic.  Clocking eight and a half minutes, it is not that it is a terrible track, just at the point it arrives, you feel like you have heard it before.  The strong wave of guitar, and driven piano sounds perfectly fine, they are done quite well.  Throughout, the instrumentation is never in question.

Slap on some flip-flops, grab a beach towel, wax up your board, and fist pump your way onto the boardwalk.  The boardwalk is certainly a diverse and interesting place, the anti-thesis of what this album is.  Just do not expect twists and turns where everyone dies in fancy montages here.   Just like San Diego, it is warm and sunny constantly.

Electric President – The Violent Blue, reviewed by Baer on 2010-03-31T12:04:41-07:00 rating 2.8 out of 5

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