elbow @ The Wiltern – 5.28.14 elbow @ The Wiltern – 5.28.14

Elbow - The Wiltern - 5-28-14_BI6545

All photos by Ben Irwin.

Ed. Note: I should be honest and concede that when elbow (do I capitalize the “E”?) first hit the tints of my scene over a decade ago, I was in no mood for another UK take on grey pop and the long, slow rain of love gone missing and wrong no matter how lovingly assembled or desperately accomplished.

I was too busy learning to get pissed, fucked and screwed, clinging to some loose idea of punk jungle rules.

But now I’m a man, goddamnit and I can handle my liquor, my women and (for the most part or not, sometimes…SHUT UP!) my feelings so when I heard “My Sad Captains” (off 2014’s The Take Off and Landing of Everything) in the van on the way to another bourgeois demolition the other day not only was I able to listen to the band’s warm, articulate woe but I really rather enjoyed the time I got to spend in traffic with it.

I know that’s not the most glowing endorsement but it’s a real, legitimate something for me so much so that I was more than a bit envious of El Jefe’s recent chance to see elbow play their last US show (for a minute, at least) at The Wiltern, the other day. All reports intimate they’re positively transcendent live and his report back sure looks to testify.

Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

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