Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Jazz Mind Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Jazz Mind

Hot damn.

Well, isn’t Jazz Mind just the grooviest little shotgun of a record? Equal parts (or maybe not; I’m shit at math) Sandman hepcat opium bomp poetry and paranoid Hopi coyote (pronounced kaɪ-oʊht) freakabout with just enough grimy goofball nü not never no wave no more shadow of doubt surrounding the hostile validity of its eleven track excursion through space and sweat and time to make its release on Load Records a totally reasonable thing.

“But,” you might wonder, “is Ed Schrader’s Music Beat’s first formal release as a duo (knowing, as you most assuredly do [who don’t?], that Mr. Schrader performed for several years as a man and a floor tom with a mission – of sorts [we can only suppose] – before expanding his “Music Beat” to include the bass expansion unit known as Mr. Devlin Rice so as to better thud your sallow ass back to the proverbial opium den that is whatever the fuck it is you need your allegory to represent this evening…also, Matmos is on the record) the sort of thing I would actually want to listen to when the going gets tough or the tough had to go and leave me here all scared, wet, naked and alone…or, you know…party?”


Yes it would.

Though the party you’re referring to would have to be more in the Burroughs school of “let’s all blow our minds on dope and orgones then prank call that little Truman Capote bitch while Kerouac disappoints us with his shallow eagerness to suck dick” shindig than the Van Halen brand of “I have balloon and you have boobs so we should totally get your mom in on this shower orgy” fete.

But sure, Jazz Mind could get you through some tough times. Tracks like “Sermon,” “Rats,” and “Car” all bear the kind of thumping, naked pinched thrill of determination that often howls through my mind when I feel the need to punch a family of snotty Subway babies to Live Leak smithereens (the little assholes). Tracks like “Do the Maneuver” and “Right” (on the other hand) leave me feeling like I’m already that bad, bad, bad time Iceburn drunk wherein there’s no coming back to the ones I once loved until I piss myself in a Denny’s waiting on my goddamn Grand Slam at 3am…or maybe like The Birthday Party.

I hope that answers your question.

Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Jazz Mind, reviewed by Charles on 2012-08-21T08:20:44-07:00 rating 3.2 out of 5

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