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Drive By Truckers - Go Go Boots

Being a long-time, dedicated Drive By Truckers fan, it’s hard not to compare a new album with their previous work. For a band that has put out 4 of my favorite albums during their 13 years of recording, I’m always hoping for a new favorite. With an impressive 9 studio albums, and numerous personnel changes, you have to realize there are going to be explorations of new styles, and moments that aren’t necessarily a “career highlight.” Taking this into account, their newest release Go Go Boots may not be one of their best, but that certainly doesn’t make it a bad album.

With one of the hardest working, prolific song-writing teams in modern rock music, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Truckers album without at least a handful of exceptionally good tracks. On Go Go Boots they seem to have fallen a little more comfortably into the pop side of rock they have explored over the past few years. While this may upset some long-time fans, yearning for the pure country rock days of old, we have to realize that this is their direction. At least the pop songs are getting better by the album.

One thing this band has always been good at is putting the listener directly in the story. From the lyrics to the mood of the music, all of their songs emote the very essence of what they aim to convey. “I Do Believe,” the album’s opener, is very uplifting and upbeat. It’s about nostalgia, and happy remembrance of someone who’s passed. Everything about this song sounds just like a happy memory. This is a perfect example of how their more pop-oriented songs are falling into the mold of great Drive By Trucker’s writing.

That being said, the Truckers do still shine their best during their heavier rock numbers with a dark tale to tell. “Go Go Boots” and “Used To Be A Cop” are without a doubt the two best songs on the album. Both have that deep southern rock groove that the band has perfected. And to compliment that sound, as with any good Truckers song, both songs are about people who have lost their way in life, leading to a world of crime or debauchery. Also true to their writing template, neither of these has a chorus, making it a true story-telling song. This is something so consistent with this band that I’m completely impressed with how well they pull it off, and how often, without sounding repetitive.

Go Go Boots shows us yet again that the Drive By Truckers remain a relevant, talented, important rock band. In an age where the notion of straight ahead rock is almost laughed at, especially southern rock, this band could have fizzled out so many times. They may have changed gears slightly over the past few years, but those gears are becoming more refined as they continue to bring a modern audience true rock music.

1. I Do Believe
2. Go-Go Boots
3. Dancin’ Ricky
4. Cartoon Gold
5. Ray’s Automatic Weapon
6. Everybody Needs Love
7. Assholes
8. The Weakest Man
9. Used To Be A Cop
10. The Fireplace Poker
11. Where’s Eddie
12. The Thanksgiving Filter
13. Pulaski
14. Mercy Buckets

Drive By Truckers - Go Go Boots, reviewed by Daniel G on 2011-04-05T10:34:56-07:00 rating 3.9 out of 5

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