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Drake - Take Care

Drake Drake Drake, I get it; fall is over, sunshine, warm weather…hope – all in the rearview mirror. I know these next few months are cold, drippy and downright stressful. I mean, do you know how fucking hard it is to go grocery shopping in the rain? Waiting for the bus, white-knuckling bags of shit you’re not even that stoked about onto the bus, while everyone eyeball-fucks your drizzled-on batard, poking out of your reusable grocery bags? You don’t. You probably live in LA, drive a huge vehicle, and other than travel or whatever other shit celebrities and entertainers complain about – have a pretty easy life. So my question to you Drake, why is Take Care so unreasonably depressing? Why the sad-sac routine? I don’t get it. And what puzzles me further, as an admitted Drake non-liker, how did you slip one of my favorite hip hop songs of the entire year into this album?

What bothers me about Drake, and should bother anyone who even casually notices music as a thing that happens in the world, is that Drake’s “style” is not knowing whether to rap or sing. The style itself isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s that in Drake’s half song/half rap style – his notes are flat. Maybe that’s how it falls on my ear, but it comes off as hesitant and uninspired, especially when his timid delivery is contrasted with lyrics about “changing the game” and comparing himself to Jimi Hendrix. It’s kind of sad to witness that sort of lack of self-awareness. Listen to Tupac or even Kanye; not to compare, but their words pop, they emphasize, they have passion. Drake comes off sounding like he doesn’t care, like he wishes he was doing something else. Make your way to the track titled “Make Me Proud” you’ll see what I mean. All of the sudden, after nine-or-so tracks of sad little kid who wishes his dad didn’t make him play little league; Drake somehow turns it on when pushed by Nicki Minaj, who highlights my point. She attacks each word, he kind of shoves them.

Take Care does have a few highlights that I would be irresponsible to ignore. First, the Nicki Minaj verse I mentioned previously was a great example of how featured artists can amplify the track rather than try and steal the show. And I can’t tell you how much I love Andre 3000 on “The Real Her”. He’s so cool and sincere and convincing it feels like we just agreed to break up on mutual terms and I’m cool with it. Lastly, the title track “Take Care” is so good it actually makes up for the “Back That Ass Up” bullshit homage Drake tries to pull off in “Practice”. Wow, it’s so bad.

Despite my personal issues with Drake’s delivery and perceived lack of passion, and a few weird decisions, there are some redeeming qualities here that are worth giving Take Care a spin.

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines
4. Crew Love
5. Take Care feat. Rihanna
6. Marvins Room / Buried Alive Interlude
7. Underground Kings
8. We’ll Be Fine feat. Birdman
9. Make Me Proud feat. Nicki Minaj
10. Lord Knows feat. Rick Ross
11. Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude
12. Doing It Wrong
13. The Real Her feat. Lil Wayne, Andre 3000
14. Look What You’ve Done
15. HYFR feat. Lil Wayne
16. Practice
17. The Ride

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