Doom – Born Like This Doom – Born Like This

Doom - Born Like This

Doom - Born Like This

So the artist formerly known as MF Doom, has dropped the “MF” and now wants us all just to call him Doom. As far as I’m concerned, dude can call himself whatever he wants as long as he keeps releasing creepy-cool, cartoon villain, Bukowski-laced hip hop for our unappreciative asses.

Doom is arguably one of the hardest working artists in hip hop, releasing somewhere around 15 albums – under 7 different names, over his ten year solo career. Some of his work has earned critical acclaim; like the 2004 Madlib collaboration, “Madvillainy”. And some of his work…is just kinda, there. But I mean, Led Zeppelin didn’t write tunes everybody liked. They left that to the Bee Gees. So when you hear Doom spit on this album, know that you’re listening to a dude who doesn’t really give a fuck about what constitutes a typical verse/chorus song, what a typical album is comprised of and doesn’t really give a fuck about what we think. The result is one of the most well-crafted hip hop concoctions ever released by Doom; made up of one and two-minute raspy-voiced rhyme explosions over the familiar cartoon villain samples. On “Born Like This” you’ll hear Doom drop the occasional head-nodder, like “Rap Ambush” and “Angelz”, however, his cleverly detailed metaphors and rhyme schemes are not always instantly noticeable and really demand you take some time to see how the words unravel and eventually crack like a whip. The truth is, when a guy rolls around insisting he wears the Russell Crowe mask from Gladiator at all times, it catches your attention – and like his music, the dude is intriguing enough to stand with one eyebrow raised and skeptically watch it all unfold. But don’t expect club bangers with samples from your favorite 80’s song you and your friends like to get hyphee to. Doom created an album whose whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts – and that’s what we call synergy.

Track Listing:

Supervillain Intro
Gazzillion Ear
Yessir! ft. Raekwon
Rap Ambush
Batty Boys
Still Dope
Microwave Mayo
More Rhymin’
That’s That
Bump’s Message
Thank Ya

Doom - Born Like This, reviewed by Delicious on 2009-05-05T10:10:56-07:00 rating 4.1 out of 5

2 Responses about “Doom – Born Like This”

  • a. ron hubbard says:

    I like how the lastfm music for this review is some crappy 80’s hardcore band. ha ha. good review though. it made me wanna check out the album

  • Big Ben says:

    Ok nice catch. Its DOOM’s music now.