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Divers - Hello Hello (2015)

Divers – Hello Hello (2015)

Hello Hello, the debut LP by Portland’s Divers, is sure to make a splash in the Pacific Northwest and then expand in larger concentric ripples nationwide. This record rocks through and through. Hello Hello is the kind of album (or CD or cassette or 8-Track, whatever) you want to throw on in the car and hit the highway for a long, introspective drive with the top down and the sun lowering into tomorrow.

This four-piece band masterfully delivers a driving garage punk album peppered with choice notes of power-pop. Initially, I thought of The Libertines and I still do (which is a compliment) but there’s also a bit of the Arcade Fire’s grandeur in here, as well, as when the album dips into its slower bouts of melancholy and vocal harmonies. Just listen to “Great Escape” to see what I mean and the background vocals on the closing track “Stateline” are totally Neon Bible.

Beyond those bands, I’d bet money that if you asked Divers about their influences, they’d mention The Clash. Harrison Rapp (lead vocals) evokes Mick Jones from time to time and the lead guitar melodies soar like that band did way back in 1977. His vocals play up a perfect mix of desperation, sincerity, and doggedness (so, I guess, Joe Strummer too). The band’s melodies are catchy and emphatic and even play with some spaciness which has nothing to do with The Clash but is certainly something worth noting.

Whatever the references in check, Hello Hello plays itself as an unapologetic ten-song record that is littered with standout songs. “Tracks” is a burner. “Bloodsong” is an Elvis Costello lovechild. “Lacuna” is another rager that must totally slay live. “Listen Teller” is (or should be) an FM radio sensation.

The point is, Divers is a band worth checking out and Hello Hello is the perfect soundtrack to blast on the long stretch, wherever your highway might lead you.

Hello Hello Tracklist:

1. Getaway 01:53
2. Blood Song 03:55
3. Listen, Teller 03:35
4. Lacuna 04:04
5. Great Escape 04:41
6. Breathless 02:50
7. Tracks 03:40
8. Wild Calling 03:10
9. Last Dance 04:19
10. Stateline 04:00

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