DEVO @ The Wiltern – 6.29.14 DEVO @ The Wiltern – 6.29.14

Devo - Wiltern - 6-29-14_BI7595

Ed. Note: Apologies to all you spuds out there for being lax on getting the DEVO snaps up and atom but the cross-continental call of American Rock and Roll Freedom did a number on our nerdist tunnel vision. Here they are then, the documents from El Jefe’s daze at the feet of the mighty Mercuries risen again and again from the ashes of their own innovation to pay homage to the late, great Bob 2 by honoring themselves and the experimental days he swung the six-string helm (now known as, affectionately and on digital wax as “Hardcore”). Rumor has it, the night was a staggering weirdo blast and one, once again, that I am sore to have missed. Goddamnit. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

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