Destroy This Place – Destroy This Place Destroy This Place – Destroy This Place

Destroy This Place - Destroy This Place (2013)

Destroy This Place – Destroy This Place (2013)

You know what’s fun is breaking stuff. Also, getting loaded. Topless drives to the beach at night and fire and boobs and KISS fucking rules and there’s no sin in saying you wished you’d been Alive! to join their army way back when hippie was dying and El Caminos ruled the roost because though they weren’t the coolest band to crack the throbbing adolescent code they sure did work their asses harder and longer than anyone, EVER to ensure that party would be a much a part of our cultural DNA as apple pie and AR-15s.

And I’m sure some might consider it sacrilege to suggest that Destroy This Place channel the spirit of “Detroit Rock City” in a decidedly post-Fugazi punk is dead, let nerd riff rock reign forever way like Jawbox blazing T. Rex covers at an ’88 OC kegger or Quicksand (on a beach day) if only Walter would give up chess and wine for Uno and Schlitz, I don’t give two shits. And I bet this bunch of summer fun, let’s do it by the headlights motherfuckers won’t either.

Because though the band can claim some agit pedigree (having been, in parts, New Grenada and Thunderbirds Are Now!) and has shared time with gloomy furiosos like Young Widows, Iceage and Mike Watt (Waka! Waka!) at their heart, Destroy This Place is all bikinis and cold beer and rare steaks.

They play for the everyman party, sincerely and that’s so goddamn refreshing it almost feels revolutionary. I mean, who does that anymore? Pop Stars and Rap Moguls all gloat from gilded thrones. Diarrhea Planet is an art school joke. The Hold Steady may have nailed down the buy back bar sound but Craig Finn’s obsessive arc of self-reference always gets in the way.

Even our great good time emissary, Andrew WK has turned party into a business whose relentlessness verges on self-destructive psychosis, suggesting with erratic, almost incoherent axioms that A+ awesomeness can and should be found in everything, all the time like life is one big rainbow taco of hope from whose (proprietary and mostly furtive) meat substitute we can derive some ultimate, uncompromisingly positive truth which is kind of a bummer because what we really need now is I Get Wet 2.

Perhaps Destroy This Place can pick up the maddening slack. That’d be nice, but it seems unlikely. As much as tracks like “Lethal Sky” and “Wake Up Time” welcome beer-splattering fist pumps, they lack they easy crunch of an anthem, preferring time signature shifts, pedal jumps and tenor harmonics to the big choruses you can sing, half blind to the edge of a sweltering night. It’s a bit of a disappointment, admittedly, because there’s such potential in this record to raze the bored and bloated staples of radio summertime with the next, great “YEAH, BUDDY!” but I won’t hold dumb perfection against them. They’re too good for that, too smart in their hooks.

So what if the band hasn’t redefined fun? You still want them playing your barbecue.

Destroy This Place Tracklist:

1. Lethal Sky
2. Werewolf Mask
3. Tight Sleeves
4. Absorb You
5. Born With Guitars In Our Hands
6. Defeated
7. Emperor’s Bones
8. Graves
9. Like Mice
10. Wake Up Time
11. Ghost Ride The Lightning

Destroy This Place - Destroy This Place, reviewed by Charles on 2013-07-08T07:55:11-07:00 rating 3.9 out of 5

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