Desert Daze 2013 Artist Spotlight: Lumerians Desert Daze 2013 Artist Spotlight: Lumerians

lumeriansI’ll be honest. There’s a whole lot of psych that I don’t like. That privileged hippie waning waistcoat earth ritual city worship. Blech. That pussy-footed BS is enough to make me want to join the goddamn marines. However, among all the loose and loveless rabble there is a nasty little resurgence of the bad biker acid rock that carries a loud, mangled crunch on a journey to the fear center of the mind. Sure, it can be pretty too. Epic and unfurled but mostly it tastes like burning spit and strychnine like Lemurians. They know how to play like it hurts while still holding on the groove and I’m pretty sure they all wear costumes. At least, they do in this public access appearance of their’s wherein they “perform” the space slinking “Chevaux Fous” for some lady in a top hat and her dancing friends.

Lumerians – “Chevaux Fous” from m m on Vimeo.

Tickets for Desert Daze 2013 can still be procured here. We also just learned that Oasis Palms is offering Desert Daze GA ticket holders a four-person campsite for $22 and transportation to and from the festival which is a pretty friggin’ choice deal. You can learn more about the Oasis here.


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